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.gam format request


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Lo folks,

Browsing a save game in Infinity Explorer, and looking at a Party NPC, you can see their happiness value. Anyone know where this is located in the actual file, as it's not in the IESDP.

I would test it myself, but, 90% of my save-games arent read by any tool for some reason :/


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The Happiness value is in Party Member structure at 0x002A and is a word value in GAM 2.0 (BG2). I didn't see any value here but zero in GAM 1.1 (BG1:TSC, IWD) and GAM2.2 (IWD2).


As to your saved game issue, NI should be run from the main game folder where the KEY file is located. By default, the EXE and TLK files are also present. It will automatically find BIFFs based on the ALIAS section of the INI file. This works even if you then use NI to switch games and specify KEY files in other game folders. (Well, it works fine for me.)

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Thanks for the rapid response - I dont like seeing things in tools that I dont know where they are :rolleyes:


As for the save-games : I have about 30 saves, and about 25 are un-viewable in tools (Inf Exp, NI and DLTCEP all complain). The other 5 or so work fine though. Any further thoughts?

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Do they 'complain' when you try to open a GAM file? (You can see the games in the tree, but you can't open certain GAM files?)


I can't speak for the other tools, but NI will refuse to open files if


1. The file is corrupt somehow and data isn't where it's supposed to be.

2. The file refers to missing IDS files.

3. The file being opened has a version mismatch with the version the current game uses. (File is GAM 1.1 in a game that uses 2.0, etc.)

4. Any other condition exists that doesn't fit NI's template of what the file format should be, given the current game.


All I can suggest as far as research goes is to do comparative hex dumps of a file that works versus one that doesn't.

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1) The game opens the save files fine.

2) Unlikely.

3) Nope.

4) *shrugs*


It's to much hassle to do a hex dump, and I'm not really worried about it, it just means I have to write threads like this once in a while, as I only have a few complex save-games to work from.

Thanks for the info though. :rolleyes:

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