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death variables and cre names

Sillara of the Tamari

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I am currently working on a new NPC, but her kick-out dialogues will not fire. I get some generic game one. I know that her joining globals are getting set properly; I checked. However, I discovered that I could spawn in my new NPC using her death variable. I know that this should not be possible. I OUGHT to be able to spawn her in only using her .cre name. I am assuming that this is the problem preventing the dialogues from being properly assigned. What could cause this? Does anyone know of this problem?


Sillara, the greatly puzzled :):rolleyes:


Edit: I have found a .tp2 error caused by my not putting her death variable in the proper slot. But I can STILL create her using her death variable. WHY?:D?

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Check your override folder for a creature with a filename that's the same as your DV. You can't spawn a creature using its DV.


Unless... this is a long shot, but maybe you have a custom ACTION.IDS that has changed or duplicated the CreateCreature() line to read something like CreateCreature(S:Name*,P:Location*,I:Face*) instead of CreateCreature(S:NewObject*,P:Location*,I:Face*) as it is in the default.

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I have not done anything to my ACTION.IDS. Is there a mod out that does this without my knowing it?


Wait. That cannot be right. I tried it with other NPCs, just to check. You cannot spawn, say, Viconia, that way.


I will look for an odd left-over .cre, but I was fairly sure I had cleared out my override.


Thanks, though. I will let you know how it goes! :rolleyes:



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You can use DVs longer than 8 characters (up to 18 characters) if you suspect a CRE filename conflict. It'd be worth testing.


Alternately, try ADD_GAME_NPC and tack her onto your GAM file. That way she can benefit from NPCLEVEL.2DA and there's no need to do manual spawning with CreateCreature. As Japheth noted in WeiDU's docs, there can be issues with this for those who insist on installing mods in the middle of a game.


If her DV is different from her CRE filename and her CRE isn't already loaded into a GAM or ARE (in a SAV file), then the only way she should spawn is if you refer to her CRE filename.


The way to check your ACTION.IDS file is to look for duplicate entries for CreateCreature. The first one listed is the one that will be used by default in scripts. Bioware's version should be the first one listed, not someone else's. (Turn on 'Ignore Overrides' in NI to see the default, unedited ACTION.IDS.)


I can't think of anything else, but I hope you get her working.

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