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ActiveX on Murneth readme?


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None--it's a flat xhtml file with a javascript snippet for the email address. The update check is simply a static link to an image that's hosted on the G3 site. :/ It's possible that the javascript is causing the warning or that the readme is linking to an offsite image. Does the readme on the site generate the same error message? Also, all of the G3 readmes (and anywhere we have email addresses on the site) use the same javascript snippet to protect them from being harvested by spam bots. Does the contacts page generate a similar message?


If it's neither of those, I am very curious as to why it's running afoul of the security settings.

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The windows SP2 only complains if you are opening the .html file while not necessarily already online. For some reason if you are already browsing the web then it does not complain. Only it seems if you open up a new browser to go to the link. No problems for pre SP2.


And neither of the two links you just gave cause the blocked message. A copy of the PnP Celestials readme that I have on my computer causes the same complaint when I open the .html file.

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