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Auren for BGT?

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I'm gonna give BGT a try (non-mega modded, self installed with my own choice selection of mods)... and while I know that Auren doesn't have anything in the BG1 part, I'm hoping that she should still work in the BG2 part. Is there any reason that she would not work in a BGT install? She is not listed as compatible or not compatible to BGT that I've been able to locate.

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it should work just fine ... i too do my own BGT installs and have had NPC mods for SOA in those installs. I have never personally had Auren, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't work so long as the install order is correct.

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If there was a character in the vanilla game that had the same file names as Auren, it would fail. That's the reason the Chloe mod must be installed after the transition to BG2. But as far as I know, there is no NPC in BG1 named who uses Auren's file names.

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