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iiLearnThroughUse and other igi mods


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I'm looking for copies of the most recent versions of the following mods by igi. With teambg.eu no longer operating and all links I've found point there, I'm hoping someone might have a copy available or know where they are hiding to download.

if there is a newer mod that supersedes or takes the place of one of these please let me know


mod's I'm looking for:


iiLearnThroughUse -- always wanted to try this one

iiKeyNames -- sounds useful to me

iiProjectileR -- I may have the most recent, then again not sure. If need be willing to revamp this one as I'm the one who offered up the initial Tutu support to him.


I think that's it for now, at least that's all i know of LOL

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I have the latest iiProjectiles an iiitems if you want them.


Gameplay with the iikeys mod made me delete it sorry, I had issues with it years ago, don't remember anymore which but severe.


iiProjectiles was great, but causes the game to lag a little bit more. So perhaps when I get a laptop with 6 GB ram...


I would gladly send them, but to where?



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