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Highlighters for Context?


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Weimer links to the highlighters off of the "main" page on weidu.org (not the low-bandwidth front-end, http://www.weidu.org/main.html#weidu instead)


You don't "do" anything special. ConText watches for certain filetypes (like .d) and starts highlighting keywords accordingly. I forget what's keyed to what color offhand and I think I'm using an old version so I'm not going to pretend to give a list. It might take a little getting used to but it's generally helpful to use them.

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They are definitely worth using. :thumbsup:


I'm at Grim's house at the moment and he let slip he's made a few additions (I_C_T2 etc) to the ConTEXT one on the WeiDU site. So I might poke him to send it to Wes or something, hmmm?

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