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Testers for Quests - NEEDED!


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Guys, I need people who will be willing to test the new quests. There is invaluable thing that you can do and we, who know the content of the quest cannot (appart from reporting glitches) - to show us parts that need Journal entries or extra explanation when quest goes from stage to stage, sends you to a different location etc.

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Guys, I uploaded 3rd alpha for V8. I am sending the link to: Bren, Catseye and Hendryk. If anyone else is interested in testing, please, let me know. What I need tested are:


1) Viconia's interjections (please see the list)

2) Edwin's Interjections (please see the list)

3) Xzar's Quest (starts when you meet dryad of CP and kill Krumm and Caldo)

4) Coran's Quest and Good path romance ending (starts when you enter Firewine ruins with him for the first time)

5) Jaheira's Quest (Starts when you talk to Senyad on the CW lodge screen)

6) Kivan's Quest (Starts if you enter FW3100, coastal area with broken ship in the night time, the NPC is near a road post that says "Sword Coast)

7) New Garrick's banters (when Chapter 3 starts and Chapter 5 starts)


and as usual - any weird occurences, missplelling, etc you come accross.


I specifically did not give you exact quest descriptions. If you at any time do not know what's happening in the quest or what to do next - mark this point for Journal entry or clarification. Thank you!

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Alpha 4 is uploaded to our favorite location. It includes:




Kagain's Quest




- corrected X#ADDIAL (you do not have to upload it separately any more)

- revisions to Xzar's Quest (listed in protected forum)

- revisions to Jah's quest (as per Volly's comments)

- encounter with Jozzi if you did not help her - by the ship (and some minor revisions as well)


Guys, I need someone to take Coran on with femme PC and do the quest while loving him, see if flirts are working and if baby ending is OK and all that jazz ;)

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Heyas, new to the boards and all.


Anyway I would be willing to test out Coran if you still need someone to do it. I have a bit of free time right now until Jade Empire is released. Uhh..I'm not sure if these forums show email addresses but mine is hallmt@purdue.edu if you need to get in touch with me.


Later and keep up the good work!



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