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Gate area - one single free art offer


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Hi folks,


few months ago I played with Photoshop and created an imaginary gate area. Made from existing art with added trees. Now, after those months I realized I won´t use it, as I want to make all my new areas in 3d from scratch. I wanted to delete it from my drive, but then I tought it would be better to offer it to the rest of the community. So here it is. My offer will last until the very first one of you modders will write me here. First one take it. Of nobody, I will delete it.


Oh, btw, closed door bitmaps for both day and night art is included.


Here it is:



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We couldn't bundle it with gemrb, as it is not fully custom made (uses original art-work).


It's a trivially sized file, so if you want, I can upload it to my server for redistribution.

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BTW - I think it should be added as new Athkatla City Gates. This area looks better than original one. At least it's my impression.

then the rest of the city looks like crap LOL


I hope someone picks this up and uses it. Looks really good. I'd offer to host it on my site, but I don't 'advertise' and so I doubt many will actually find it.... but it wouldn't be lost LOL

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