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Tweaking spells

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How could I prevent clerics/druids/rangers/paladins from learning new spells as they gain slots, so I could add my own, thru CLABxxnn.2da files? Kinda like cleric remix.


Oh yeah, if you know:

Once, I was reading the ad&d player handbook and decided to make bg2 more p&paperish. I created a CURE DISEASE innate ability for paladins and implemented it in Clabxx once at level 11.

Problem: whenever I create several paladins in multiplayer games (in TOB), the first one has 1 cure disease (as meant), but the remaining have 2. Also if I import one of them in a later game, (s)he gains yet another one (like 1 becomes 2, 2 ecomes 3). How do I fix it? :)

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Priest spells have some flags in them which determine whether the spell is open to all priests, or is restricted from clerics/paladins or druids/rangers. There is more information on this in the .SPL section of the IESDP: http:/iesdp.gibberlings3.net


What we do in Cleric Remix is set the flags so Priest spells are restricted from all priests. So at level-up, they don't get any spells. :)


We then use GA_SPPRXXX in the CLABs to add the correct spells to the classes and kits. Hope this helps!


I'm not sure about your multiplayer troubles offhand, though.

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Thanks, it worked. Especially after the NPC clerics learnt them as well :) .

About the ability duplication problem, maybe later.


Now onto the topic... it should've rather been named something like "Better Game with Better Magic". That the interest is about creating spells.


A wizard school which fails to attract casters is Divination, since only ONE of them is needed: True Sight. Identify can be substituted by Lore and money, and Detect Evil/Know Alignment are just plot-helpers. Since True Sight is just a dispeller, we can hardly name Divination.


So it would be interesting if "future-telling" spells would be created for Baldur's Gate and other such games. Basically they tell you something about the conditions in the area compared to yours. For example if some level-30 mage is found somewhere here, and you are just level 11, you'd be told that 'death awaits'. These spells would maybe put and end to the quicksave-move-ambushed!-death-load-continue routine...especially because you can't do this in PnP. It's also good to be informed.


My idea is for the 2nd level priest spell Augury, which tells cryptic things by comparing creatures' levels to self's (I'm pretty sure it works). Another ideas? (I believe summoned totally invisible creatures to be another posibility).

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On the subject of Divination spells, I've had a few thoughts:


Re Augury and the higher level Divination - would it be possible for the spell to give a cryptic comment based on the game area the caster is in (similar to how tracking works in IWD)? Maybe add a variable top get a separate result once the first is resolved, OTOH, this could get complicated.


I'd like the Clairvoyance spell to work more like in PnP - in fact, just like the Farsight spell - we could also then add a 'reveal map' spell (with a better name) to replace the 'old' clairvoyance.


A Clairaudience spell that plays the sound effect of the nearest creature to the targeted location (if close enough) of the spell (uses 'map targeting' like Farsight) would be nice (if not as useful) - but I don't even know if it is possible. A refinement where you get additional clues if you 'eavesdrop' on the right area would be nice, but would require extra work.


PnP type Truesight that includes secret door detection, seeing the true form of polymorphed or shapeshifted beings, and, for the priest version, showing alignments as well. Having it work on the illusion masking the true form of the paladins in the Windspear Hills would be nice, but would require an addition to that whole quest :)


And then theres the whole Identify/Legend Lore remix I propsed for Cleric Remix (it'd be a lot of work though).



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I think in IWD there's Contact Other Plane, which summons a spirit you can chat to about stuff.

It doesn't really work when you metagame a bit.


What would be nice is a mini-mod that adds that spell to the game (with a dialogue), with all other mods adding (without overwriting) to the dialogue via WeiDU. This way, you can have as many questions answered as you have mods.


e.g. A Nalia Romance mod would add some questions like, "What would Nalia do if I reject this proposal or I act like this?".



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