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AreaType(CITY) question

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BG2 Fixpack fixes lots of cool things, and I have a question about one of them: setup-bg2fixpack.tp2 removes city flag from various city indoor areas(Copper Coronet, Talos temple and so on).


From what I understand, there are two separate flags in vanilla game, AreaType(CITY) and AreaType(OUTDOOR), and some vanilla game scripts use them together, meaning that there are separate checks for a CITY area and an OUTDOOR area. It might be just me, but it seems to me that the developers intended to have indoor city areas marked as !AreaType(OUTDOOR) and AreaType(CITY).


Wouldn't it be logical if all indoor non-dungeon city areas were flagged as CITY and not OUTDOOR, and all outdoor city areas were flagged as CITY and OUTDOOR? Good for consistent mod checks, too.

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