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Because its been on my mind..


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Are there any allowances made for a PC that isn't shy or inexperienced, but plain scared and traumatized after her escape from kidnapping, imprisonment, torture, rape (?) and the death of what Bioware assumes were close friends? I have to admit I never gave much thought to my PC's post escape mind set until I played the Kivan mod. Suddenly marching straight over to the Inn and spending the night with Laran didn't make a whole lot of RP sense any more. So now I leave that one till a little later in the game. heh But anyways, just a thought. She might startle and pull away from initial attempts to touch her given her recent history, and be a little slow in the trust department. Of course depending on the PC all the other options including jumping his bones right away could make sense too. Okay Aran, get out of my head and into my computer!

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That would be up to the player to role-play, and up to modders to address or not. I'm glad you mentioned it, as it's an important point to consider when writing an NPC romance, as well!


None of the characters (PC included) have necessarily been raped, FWIW.

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Hence the question mark. I think that's up to everyone's imagination as to what measures Irenicus did or didn't take to prep her for unleashing her potential. Or if the PC remembers the details since he also messed with her head. But even just being held and tortured would suffice for the 'omg don't touch me' response. And there could certainly be PCs who's response would be along the lines of 'omg I'm alive, sex now'. I was just curious if this particular romance mod was going to address the point at all, and if so in what way.

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Sorry for the long response times - I'm still poking (and on BG1NPC too).


There are responses for most possibilites, including shyness, outright refusal, etc on most pathways. There is also the ability to play "hot/cold' with him, or multiromance him; pretty much, he can be manipulated into most outcomes a player might like to see, short of a full on battle with another NPC (too hard to script, too hard to work out the permutations in terms of conversations after the fight). For the purposes of this mod, you have PC who has god's blood, and you have a (for Faerun) supposedly normal human guy who is doing his best to negotiate his way in his/her company. So one roleplaying that should be possible is to have him in a romance for the wjhole game but never do any touching - shooting him down any time he wants to, even if PC starts things up.


Of course, some of the pathways will not lead to positive outcomes - not only is Tymora's Coin fickle ( RandomNum(5,1) ) there is also an attempt to incorporate what us dudes call "standing up for oneself" and what some of my friends call "being a horses' ass" :) So though PC can "break up" with him several times and then get back together, eventually he is going to do a whole Taylor Swift thing (minus the dancing people in animal suits). And she can shut him down, avoid physical contact, and take things slowly (or completely chastely if she keeps him in check and follows pathways that say things like "I like you, but as a friend" or "I am not comfortable - let's just hold hands") without triggering any of that.


All of that is already incorporated, written, coded, and installed in the "pre"-beta, with partial test runs. It just remains to be seen if it was done successfully, or if I have somehow messed it up. I don't think I have had anyone do a full run actually wanting the romance to start and then manipulating him mercilessly, or roleplay that particular scenario. But if i desgned stuff right, the only time things get physical are when PC has granted consent, and even then, right up until the last frame, just like Renal and Sheri in the Romantic Encounters stuff, there is always a "walk away right now" escape.


On the whole subject of discussing what Irenicus did or didn't do, no mod mention of it, I think. Again, the difficulty is that I want PCs to have a wide range of latitude when it comes to the backstory.

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Cool. I have to stop working on him and let him out the door soon. The .tra file of SoA and ToB (minus .baf and the Aran Aware component, so just the basic pathways) weigh in at @12441 independent lines. That is way too much writing.

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Epilogue work is Tuesday- right now I have done three traification/error correction cycles, getting rifd of things like ~Hi there~ vs ~Hi there~, so the duplicates are removed (or rather, so the lines that are duplicates are actually duplicates), and doing textual cleanup (and as a result, found two talks that still had some placeholder strings/links. I ran several error searches with NI and DLTCEP on the installs. Wednesday has to be two more ToB lovetalks to round out what PC wants for epilogues.


I honestly can't remember - SoA does not have epilogues, right? I so seldom play the end of SoA, usually going back for another playthrough just before the final battle.

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I'm starting to forget stuff. Bleh.


Im pushing for a beta release soon. As in, I am spending a bit of time each and every day doing cleanup. I am stalled on the ToB lovetalks (right now only three FTs and three LTs and some banters in ToB, which is turning out to be as frustrating to write for as it is to play). I can say i am pretty sure this spring, since I am going to be busy with other projects this summer. But if you end up wanting to get a head start, give me a few more days to try to get some ToB stuff cleaned up and I can make a private beta available to whomever wants it. I can always use the feedback.

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