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Bugs and typos for v8


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Have you also done chmod on the Setup-RE file, or just the .command file? This error message suggests OS thinks you don't have permission to execute the WeiDU binary.


This thread has some instructions that might help, although apparently Mavericks (OS 10.9) may have problems still. Sorry, don't have enough Mac knowledge to be of more help in this case.

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The dialogue file interjects into state 2 and does not return, instead going straight to cut59b - authorial intent, I assume. It would be extremely easy to achieve full compatibility with one extra "I shall see you when the time comes for the grand ceremony" dialogue state, but that, of course, would only happen if the original author, Domi, allows it.

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I am sure Domi did not intend the RE component to break her own Kivan mod, but I agree that making it compatible without interfering into the original writing is tough in this case. Ideally, all the mod dialogue states that now add the

DO ~ClearAllActions()


should best have a



which would mean leaving the original game remarks about the PC's reputation and a ceremony Ellesime prepared and leaving the PC to rest, but it would be the cleanest solution, compatibility wise.


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