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Parse error related to the "^" symbol when assigning script


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I'm using A^ as my modder prefix but encounter a problem when trying to assign a creature a script prefixed A^ with Weidu. I tried giving a "general" script to an umber hulk:




This invariably fails, renaming the script to A_UMBER1 and altering the TP2 as follows fixed the problem.




The problem is specifically with the "^" character, and not for every purpose either. A script named A^XYZ.baf will still compile, and a creature copied to override with A^XYZ referenced as it's script will work fine in that case, this problem only appears when trying to patch a creature's scripts with Weidu.


Can anyone comment on this bug?

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(i) ^ is one of the special characters used by WEIDU regexps.

(ii) ^ is the string concatenation operator, so a^umber means "the string obtained by concatenating the value of variable a and variable umber. (Since neither are defined, WEIDU chokes.)


It doesn't sound like these are bugs, just features of how ^ works. With care (and assiduous use of quotation marks) you could work around it, but honestly, don't bother. Pick another prefix.

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Polytope, you are in the same boat as anyone who picked a prefix starting with something other than an alphanumerical. You can't use your prefix as a bareword, but have to enclose it in string delimiters because WeiDU can't automatically infer that it's a string.


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