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Banters with BG2EE people


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I've recently started on BG2EE banters(not far, just wrote Neera's BG2 banters with Xan, Branwen, Coran and Tiax), and I realized that in BG1, they are probably still silent. I mean, Dorn and Neera do not speak to Ajantis and Kivan. I've checked Neera expansion, but I think she doesn't have banters either(though that might only be for v1).


Am I correct? I mean, do BGEE characters like Neera have crossmod/banters/whatever with regular BG1 chars like Minsc and Jaheira and Edwin?


That's probably not for BG1 NPC, if it ever gets written, right? But for now I'm just wondering if banters exist of not.

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There is no banter between NPCs in BG:EE. Kaeloree's Neera expansion only adds PID's and a few love talks to Neera, no banters. I am currently working on a mod that expands the 4 EE npcs (continuing Kaeloree's work), but I am not going to be adding banters with the original Biowares, mainly because the authors of the BG1 NPC project could probably do a much better job than I could.


I came here hoping that BG1 NPC was being ported to EE so that everyone comes alive again.

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