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  1. Hm... Okay, I'm not really the best at tactical combat of awesome. I managed to play SCS with basically all options enabled once, and simply couldn't complete some of them (the drow city, for instance, I could never beat no matter what I did, even when I just started CTRL-Ring everyone at random; I probably suck). These days, I just play BG on Hardcore and only use certain SCS and other tactical mod options. My playthrough on Path of the Damned for Pillars is going okay so far, though. So, putting that together... there are some elements that are like SCS, some that are like IWDEE, and some things that are completely different. Looking at the hardest difficulty, I think there are two big differences: the perma death and the resting limitation. On the highest difficulty modes, if someone loses all their health, they are dead for good (on lower difficulty, they fall down for the battle, then get up and become 'wounded' and stuck at one hit point- if they get hit again, they're dead for good as in a higher difficulty). Health cannot be regenerated, as I babbled about before, save for by resting. Now, characters have a lot more health in Pillars then they do in the IE games, but there are still risks. I mean, in IE games, you could be chunked, sure (and something about my modset allows Silver Dragon breath to chunk me even if I'm playing on a setting that doesn't allow chunking (Casual/Normal)), but unless you were over your head, it didn't usually happen. Here, there's a bigger risk of losing a party member for good. Yes, you can also recruit a new one at the Inn... but they will always be one level lower, and they don't have cool comments and the like. (I don't want to get too in to spoilers, but on the Path of the Damned, I honestly don't know if there is anything you could do to stop the hardest mob in the game (who is admittedly completely optional, including being able to talk your way out of fighting) from one-shotting both the Obsidian-made cipher and wizard (with them at max level and well equipped even with some CON items) if she tries to focus on them (well, besides putting a bubble on them and pulling them out of the fight). (She also could take my own cipher and the chanter even on normal, but they probably could have been buffed more.) Her one attack is just that powerful and they're that squishy. Positioning and aggro control are slightly bigger in this game then they are in the IE ones.) Then you have resting. You can rest anytime at Inns, and one Inn has a free room (the rest usually have a cheap one that's like, 25 in price- not going to break you). But out in the wild, you have very limited resting. You can only rest if you have a camping set. They're not too hard to find and buy, but you can only hold so many at a time: on easy mode, you have six, then there's steadily less (2 or 1 on path of the damned, can't remember at the moment). So if you're running low on health and are in one of the (admittedly few- most of the time this restriction is more annoying (gotta go back to a town then come back to this dungeon) then difficult) places that you can't turn back from, you can end up screwed by the limited resting. Path of the Damned basically spawns the hardest encounter at all times, along with often what would spawn there in other modes, too (so bigger spawns) and increases the difficulty of the spawns (not just by upping hitpoints- resists and damage will also be upped). This can make things difficult. All that said... it's still not near SCS. First, the game is only level 1 to 12: there's no high level spells, and for the most part people aren't broken. (Save for perhaps ciphers, who are probably a bit overbalanced compared to everyone else.) For the most part, anything you can use, an enemy can use, and enemies have their own abilities (the shadows, shades, and the going up the line can get really annoying with their teleporting to back ranks disengage), which is good, but you still probably are more powerful then most things you meet (especially with the cipher deal). The hardest enemy, as mentioned above, feels in a way like she cheats (don't want to get in to details) more then she's difficult, which is disappointing. (On the other hand, I think the last boss was relatively satisfying even on normal with my ridiculous INT, and hopefully will be more so on upped difficulty.) So... in the end, it probably does have more in common with regular IE combat (of IWD or BG) then BG2SCSed. I do think it's harder then 'regular IE combat', though. The AI isn't brilliant, certainly, but they're not stupid- and to be blunt, there's no 'awesome script' you can put on a companion to make them cast everything perfectly. You have to do the cast on pause yourself, and choose: there's more micromanaging then I usually use in BGII (where most of my characters save casters can do everything without me bothering with them... I do miss automatic sneak attacking). Whether micromanaging is good or bad is up to you. I caught your post before you edited, theacefes. I hope you won't mind me saying, but I actually do disagree about Eder- I found him to be a lancer (which, admittedly, bro-like Garrus and Varric were- but so was Jaheria in her own way) to the group, but definitely not a bro. (The druid (who like the paladin, I will probably never remember how to spell his name) felt more like the 'bro' guy to me.) Eder I think is too bitter to really buddy up with you. I mean, he's the ironic, hiding it in smiles and jokes bitter, but he never felt like he was trying to reach to my character in friendship. A lot of the characters, it feels basically like 'I follow you because I have no where else to go'. I guess that makes sense in someways- they couldn't make anyone to plot critical because of the optional make your own party (and the achievements for beating everything solo)... but is definiately different from the PST/KOTOR2/Mask of the Betrayal approach. Then again, I guess it was sort of like that with the FONV group.
  2. IEmods has managed to mod a bit so far (including getting rid of the engagement system- I didn't mind it, but some people hated it and getting rid of the tombstones with too out there names). The engine isn't mod friendly, but the files are as open as possible. I've been poking around at them. Between, um, doing Sims modding. >.> (I REGRET NOTHING.) And yes, the stat item bug is fixed! (This is actually bad news for people who were playing Path of the Damned and crowing about how easy it was, heh- it was very likely you'd end up with Eder having SUPER DEFLECTION OF DOOM that could shut down everything if you goofed off a bit in Gilded Vale, which was funny but bad.) But now there's the mechanics bug. Reading about it, it seems to be hitting player-made rogues mostly, in which they simply can't open any locked container- with lockpicks or without them. There's a lot of screaming on the steam forum about it. As for priests... basically, they heal, raise, and buff (and have some minor damage abilities). However, they only heal and raise endurance damage. (You don't heal health in this game save for resting, for the most part.) For endurance, say someone hits you for 12 'damage'. You'll take 12 Endurance DMG, and 12 health damage. Your endurance, however, regens as soon as the battle is over (your health doesn't till you sleep). Fighter's have an ability that allows them to regen endurance constantly, and basically every level of priest spells has an endurance 'heal' (and at high levels, there's a spell that allows you to put a regen endurance on everyone). The cheap 'get back 50 endurance' potions are easily found (I think they're level 2 in making?), and then later potions either regen endurance or give you 150 automatically. There are probably a few other ways to regen endurance- I think the player character has a way, and chanters might have a chant that does something. Oh, and there's a bunch of food that has endurance regen on them. So basically, endurance is short term injuries. Near the end of the game, a character might have 200 endurance and around 800 health. So assuming they took 200 DMG each fight, they could take four fights before they died/were wounded (depending on your difficulty level). Of a note, though, your endurance cannot be higher then your health- so if that person gets down to 140 health, they'll only have 140 endurance (which, if they take it all, will mean they fall over dead (or wounded)). A priest comes to their own once you get to know enemies. The biggest example might be in their preventative buffs. Looking at an early game enemy, the wil-o-wisp- it charms. At higher levels, you won't notice it (but then you're dealing with vessel's who charm and it's much worse). So when your fight against one starts, slap the buff that makes you highly resistant to charm on everyone. It works much better then the 'talent/feat' you can take. Same with putting prone resistant buffs on you when fighting ogres/kith fighters who love knockdown, and so on. Someone running low on endurance and going to fall unconscious? Heal them. Someone fall unconscious due to endurance damage? Raise them. I never used many of the 'damage' priest spells (instead having the priest melee)... Durace comes with high lore, though, and if you want to let him level that up, I let him use damaging scrolls when he being in melee wouldn't work well. Different priests can do different things, though. The Skein priest, for instance, can pick up a sort of rogue multiclass deal, and mine sneak attacks with clubs. Because why not. Durance, I think, just gets buffs to his 'condemn' talent, that can lower the stats/resistances of all the enemies he condemns.
  3. I haven't been here in forever due to disillusionment and bleh, but I did want to post about Pillars now that I finished it, and figured I'd come here for it. First: wow. Really, wow. It's pretty good, tactical wise- there were times when I did have to turn down to easy (on first playthrough, but still!) to get through things. Combat is engaging, though I wonder if they took too much influence from the D&D games. The story is very Obsidian: you have mysterious powers and awaken to a past that is mysterious and may be the only one who can stop mysterious crisis that at it's core may be black and white but has a lot of grey involved (similar to say, Planescape, KOTOR2, Mask of the Betrayer). It, however, lacks the big problem of say, KOTOR2, in that there actually is a finished ending and wrapup. It does have the standard Obsidan bugs, but most of them should be fixed in today's patch- of course, today's patch then broke mechanics for some characters, so there you go. Altogether, I think it adds up to something pretty awesome. Second: wow, the companions are well written. I don't know if they'll find a place in people's hearts the way some Baldur's Gate companions did... the sterotypes we get from Bioware companions aren't here. There's not really a proud warrior race guy, a goofy cheerful person whose a fountain of memes, there's no spirited young lady, there's no broken bird you have to coax out of her shell... each companion feels unique, rather then 'Okay, need to feel this trope, need to satisfy this romance hole'. I'll say this- the priest companion (who you can pick up on the mouth south of the starting town, bright and early) is a horrible human being. He's not what I'd call evil, persay, but he's sexist, racist, shows a bit of homophobia, treats every other member of your party like shit generally, mocks everything that doesn't fit his perceptions of the world... and yet I think he's probably the best written NPC I've seen in a game in well, a damn long time. Likewise, the cypher is also brilliantly written. Perhaps fittingly, they're both Avellone's- and both the two companions that I could not see writing a romance for no matter what happened. (The ranger is married and seems happy enough about it, but one could probably write a romance for her. The paladin... it may have to be an asexual romance, if the druid's speculations are right, but she's definitely romancable. I got the feeling the wizard might be gay, but I could write that, and then for the other males, the fighter and chanter would be very easy to write romances for, and even though the druid's a silly orlan, I could write one for him, too. I don't think this game needed romance, though, as much as I love romance in games. I think it's better modded, as the creators didn't want to go that direction- and I think the bonds you can make without romance are pretty neat on their own.) Third, I really liked the graphics in the game. They did have a tendency to reuse the same cave map, but that's my only complaint. The details are actually pretty amazing: if you zoom in, you can see the little pixels stopping to reload their gun or crossbow, even. Cool. Fourth, crafting was easy, non-stressful, and yet allowed customization. Enchanting weapons and armor in the early game helped the mid game quite a bit, and then enchanting the badass midgame weapons and armor I got till I got the endgame stuff was nice. You don't find too many named weapons/armor in this game: at best, you find 'fine mace' or 'exceptional mace'. So once you find say, that exceptional mace, you may want to enchant it with an attribute boost and kith slaying, and, well, there you go. Fifth, the story overall was, I think, done well. The setting surrounding you is fairly dark: I wouldn't call it grimdark (or the even worse 'shitdark' when you've gotten to the point of making things horrible just to make them horrible (looking at you, Exalted 2E)), but it is definitely dark. Still, you can help a lot of people, be a ray of hope, make things well again, and in the end fix the problem... or make a ton of new problems. And finally, sixth, I really liked the dialog. Sadly, the tradition of talking final Obsidan bosses out of fighting with you didn't carry over to this game- but there are tons of dialog options with the non-voiced protagonist, tons of choices, and your personality can play a huge part in how people treat you. You can also go off the rails a tiny bit: even the very beginning prologue, you can just murder EVERYONE (pretty hard, by the way) and then still go on with the game rather then doing the prologuing stuff. Though that would be mean. The major things I didn't like? I know they were backer rewards and allowed the funding of this game, but I'd get rid of in a heartbeat the yellow tagged NPC's with the reach out the soul option. Only a rare few held up to the writing of the rest of the game: the majority were meh fanfiction, with some of them being straight horrible fanfiction. Likewise, graveyard jokes have been a staple of RPGs since forever, but I don't need someone who is a Ratonga (an Everquest race, jeez) on a headstone, nor someone named haxx0r. Still, the graveyards you can just not click on, and the yellow tagged NPCs you can ignore or just kill (with apparently no side effects, so that may be a problem on their own...) The bugs could be pretty major: I equipped a drinking horn on my cipher, for instance, that was supposed to get her +2 INT. Apparently, it gave +2 to her INT everytime I reloaded, leaving her with godlike INT (48 or so?)- but that's okay, because INT was bugged so that it didn't increase the size of your AOES anyway. Go figure. That is supposedly fixed, but now there's the mechanics problem... After you get to (the second big city) the game starts to lack in sidequests as it pushes you towards the big bad and the ending. It's not rushed, but compared to first big city, you'll notice it. They also did their best to have your personality, reputation, race, and class matter, and for the most part it does- but some times it clearly didn't. (IE, I was a Godlike from the Republics, too, and I could still bother the paladin with 'SO U A GODLIKE' 'HOW R GODLIKES IN THE REPUBLICS TREATED?', doh.) There's also the off the rails thing: mechanics can lead you places you maybe shouldn't be. There's a house in the first big city that is a part of a murder mystery later in the game: you can wander in to it immediately, pick a few locks, and then start talking like you know what's going on and like you've been set to investigate this mystery when that won't happen for five more hours or so. Which is problematic. It was around a 50 or so hour game for me, not including how many times I spent reloading trying to beat a certain thing. Some Tricks and Tips (as nonspoiler as I can make them, and if there are spoilers, they're not major) ++ If you don't want to overlap with a companion, be a barbarian, rogue, or monk. ++ Resolve is by far the most checked attribute in dialog: if you can push it up, do it. No class seems to really 'favour' it but it's a secondary for most classes. ++ Likewise, Lore is the most checked skill in dialog, probably followed by survivial. I found one occasion where Mechanics was used: it was a good option, but I could have gotten that way by other dialog. Lore and survivial were popping up all the time. Thus, unless you're a wizard/priest, Lore should probably be your priority. ++ In return, have one of the first companions you meet (you can meet three of them very easily, and the fourth without too much difficulty- the last for your party will come later, though I usually make a custom companion in the Inn to serve me) start going up Mechanics, which is extremely important. The wizard is a good choice, if you want him around: as he can use the spells anyway, he doesn't need lore for scrolls. Likewise, someone in your group should have athletics, but the fighter will do for that. ++ Your companions should be basically min/maxed, when it comes to skills. Because you need more for dialog checks, you can flirt around a bit, but if you are making a custom party, do a member with stealth, a member with athletics, a member with mechanics... if you do have extra points, put them in survival for lasting longer without needing to rest. (On that note, I think the highest Mechanics check in the game is 12, so yeah, you basically have to sink all your points there to make it- though you can find a way around). ++ The Endless Paths are NOT meant to be done all at once. Definitely not. Do them slow, as you level. The final two levels probably shouldn't be done until you're max, unless you want to cheese it. ++ Your companions are influenced by the way you act to them throughout the full game, not just one final decision (save for maybe one of them). Not that all of them are influenced by you, mind. ++ You don't get XP for killing enemies after you've filled your bestiary. If the enemy has no real loot (a pack of animals, for instance), it makes perfect sense to avoid them, or send your stealth expert around looking for loot avoiding the enemies. Also, there is more then enough XP in the game to get you, your party members, and the extras you leave at the keep to max level through sidequests. So don't worry too much if you fail something or mess up somewhere. ++ Once you take the leap of faith, you're done. You can't go back and do sidequests. So watch for that leap of faith. Now, some super spoilers up to the end:
  4. Huh. Does anyone else remember back in the old days of the Attic, someone wrote a gay romance mod for Keldorn (but just wrote it- didn't code it)? It involved him falling and turning to Shar after it was revealed Maria's lover had gotten her pregnant and intended to run off rather then have anything to do with the baby. It was a bit sterotypical, and you know, involved one of the greatest paladin's I've ever seen in video games doing stupid (falling) things and definitely had it's downsides... but I remember enjoying the thought of it all the same, though that was years ago. Mostly because I thought Keldorn was awesome. Looking forward to this mod and all it entails. I'm still probably going to feel guilty about it, but I'm definitely going to play it when it's released.
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    Let's talk SWtOR!

    Hm, I have to say... after DA:I, Alistair is growing on me again. I never exactly hated him in DA:O (he was the first character I romanced, and believed me, I cried when er, something unfortunate happened on the roof), but the more I played the game, the more I found him problematic (I think, also, the more I got older, ha). He seems, well, very young and naive. I don't exactly blame him in particular for that: from the way his childhood went, he's actually lucky to have turned out so funtional, and then after the god awful childhood that involved sleeping in kennels and being kept away from all the important things, he was basically cloistered in to a religious facility to be trained to become a drug addict that eventually goes crazy because of lyrium (according to him, he got out before he started getting dosed, but I believe by the comics, he's been retconned in to taking it). After that hell, he latches on to the first figure who treats him nice (and Duncan seemed to encourage this, keeping Alistair to some degree sheltered still), and then that person dies and he's in an extremely stressful quest to save the world, and, yeah, his life sort of sucks. He's what, 21 in Origins? He's a kid. And, going by Darkspawn Chronicles, if left on his own, this kid can do a decent enough job of getting to the end game if not for super dark spawn uber player character. (Having said that, especially considering the whole werewolves thing, Morrigan was almost definitely pushing him.) ...Yet all that doesn't excuse that one thing he does. You know. If you choose that certain decision. (And it's really that one thing that turns me away from him. I can deal with him needing Wynne to fix his shirts, I can deal with him throwing tantrums if you go practical and assume the worst will happen if you leave Redcliffe, I can deal with him screaming if you defile the ashes of his messieh figure in order to gain favor with a crazy dragon cult, I could even deal with him storming away to deal with the blight BY HIMSELF DAMNIT... but not him doing what he did. Just. No.) Yet having said that... there are two possible ways he can appear in DA:I, as King or as Warden. And you know what? With ten years, he's become pretty badass. King is probably what people will first run in to, and he's still snarky and goofy (as the war table missions prove)... but he also handles his authority well and is no-nonsense about his choice. If he married Anora, he's working well with her: no, I don't think they're in love, but they seem to have reached an understanding together, which is good. But Warden? He's even better. As a side note for heirs, if your Cousland marries Alistair while in a relationship with Zev, when he mentions how there will likely be no heirs, you can tell him that he may have no heirs, but you'll have them. So... there may be another elf blooded for the throne.
  6. Twani

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    This has been like, the worst start of a year ever. And the last two weeks of last month sucked. (So, no, I haven't even touched Poor Unnamed Paladin Chick who just happens to be black so deal with it world. But I'll get to her, hopefully. Got to finish Ajantis first, but first finishing my stupid mage stronghold. At least I can zoom through ToB fast without Ascension. Though I miss Ascension...) Tried writing the brothers a bit. Altan still hates me, but I do like his banters. Sort of played Inqusition for a bit, inbetween the being horribly sick and my life falling to pieces (I'm only slightly exaggerating). I'm playing a female Qunari going for Sera, and it's actually kind of funny. I flirted with Sera on my last two characters- my Dalish elf and then my male human. The male human, of course, she shot down twice- once with a "LOLZ NOT EVEN" and the second with a sweeter (for Sera) "It's a shame, we have so much in common- we both like woman!". But my Dalish Elf, Sera gave as good as she got. The Qunari, though? Well, Sera thinks Qunari are *hot*. So sometimes, when I flirt with her, she gets so flustered that she can't say anything or just lamely says "...Woof". For Sera, it's sort of adorable. As for the crazy in the DA:I, latest tumblr screaming has been on weather the Iron Bull/Dorian relationship is unhealthy or abusive or not. I can so not deal with that, so right now I'm blocking the Iron Bull and Dorian tags so I don't see the arguements, which is sad, as I'm missing all sorts of cool fanart. (I've fallen in love with Dragon Age fanart.) But, sanity first. Always sanity first! As for Arl Eamon... yeahhhh. I mean, I can sort of understand in some parts: most of the horrible treatment given to Alistair was basically Eamon doing what Isolde wanted (and she was afraid Alistair was Eamon's bastard). But I mean, Isolde is at least honest to Alistair's face: she dislikes him. Eamon plays a caring uncle one minute, and then is being horrible to Alistair the next. Honestly, if I support Alistair in politics, I make sure my character is either with him or acting as his BFF second. Because Eamon is totally going to use Alistair. (Also, Eamon was pushing Cailain to divorce the woman he was in love with, which, wah. Of course, Cailain was about to go on with it, so...dicks, all of them.) Oh, as for Fort Drakan... that's a really funny sequence, actually. Breaking out yourself (or with Alistair) is always fun, but if you decide to wait, you can send two of your friends to break you out (this is called back in DAII's Mark of the Assassin DLC, where once again you get thrown in a prison with one companion and have to wait for the other two to break you out (...yeahhhh.). (I had a bug with extra dog slot that I could only send one, though. So Lei broke us out BY HERSELF. Because she's just that good.) Some of the priceless ones are Lei with Wynne (or Morg) where they dress up as Chantry sisters, Zev and Oghran pretending to be a circus troope, or just Sten and Dog, "I am a giant with a Mabari. I am either making a delivery or besieging your fort. Pray it is the former."- or something like that. I don't know. Ah, Sten. Some characters can basically get you out with no violence- Lei and Zev, mainly- and then you have Morg and Sten, who can't lie for the life of them, and are just making it up as they go along. Hee.
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    Let's talk SWtOR!

    So, um, life is not going good for me at all... but still, merry Christmas to those who celebrate (and a mostly belated happy holidays to those who celebrate other holidays). I hope all is going well. Anyway, the most important mod for DA:I has finally come out (that's an exaggeration, but not quite): BETTER 'BASE' CLOTHES. AKA, no more beige pajamas! Instead, you can have black ones (and black > beige), and if you go with the option of the inqusition symbol on your breasts (...ahem?) it looks sort of offically rather then pj-y. It took me a bit to make it work, but I reread the instructions and was like 'oh, duh' and there, it's working. My Qunari looks a whole lot better now. She looked so ridiculous in beige. (Anyone notice the little stomach bulge your character looks like they have when they're leaning over while making judgements? I don't mind that my character might have some meat, but it seems weird on the elves, who look broken thin (like, creepy so- look at their arms!)- both female and male are so much smaller then Sera and Solas, even if playing grr big strong warrior champion). I spent yesterday surfing tumblr looking at beautiful dragon age fanart. There are some done in the style of ancient Japanese blockart that I found that are beautiful. Also hysterical: someone did a If Dragon Age Characters had tumblr (click part 2 and 3 for DAII and Inqusition), which are funny (I was told there would be followers!/I AM NOT CASSANDRA STOP ASKING). Also: someone wrote a fic where Anders becomes the Inquisitior. It's m/m, but if you can deal with that, it's kind of cute; not the best writing ever, no, but funny. It's here. (But a horrible part of me wishes I had never read it and had the idea myself, because I think I could have written it even better. But that's selfish, isn't it? Meh. Maybe I could write Merill (my other DAII baby) the Blood Mage, Inquisitor! Er... yeah.) As for BG, I gave in. As Altan is being uncooperative (or more truthfully, I'm in a bad mood and he's too pollyanna to write), I decided on writing the paladin. Who is, um, still nameless. I'm giving myself one month (well, and an extra week, because December is sucky): I stop at the end of January, in which I will be done (well, I'll finish any dialog I'm in the middle of/any coding that needs to be done, but you know, mostly done). (I know people do one day and one week NPC's all the time, but I'm not quite good enough at coding for that. >.>) Just a simple mod, probably using a NWN portrait as the guy I like to go through for portraits has been busy lately and an IWD soundset because I sure can't do voicing (my mic doesn't work, for starters). Hoar is sort of dark for a paladin (I mean, there's a reason he lives with Bane in 3E/4E), but I think I can pull it off without having her do things that are going to be like 'Um, why has she not fallen?' by using the Order of Poetic Justice, which serves both Hoar and Tyr. There are still going to be some questionable things about her: three, mainly. First, she does not approve at all of fighting the worshipers of Beshaba (Hoar's one and only ally) about to burn Viconia (but she can talk them in to releasing them to her in promise she can come up with worse ironic punishment to a murderer then burning). Second, she doesn't approve of giving Yoshimo's heart to the priests of Ilmater because Hoar is big on the 'revenge', and not so much the redemption. And third, while she will advise Anomen to follow the law when it comes down to it, if you're romancing him the good way and he does find out that Saerk killed his sister, she'll encourage him to kill Saerk (which causes him to leave the party, so, sucky advice, unnamed paladin). I wish there was more AD&D information about Chessenta. The only book I can find on it is 1st edition. There's also very little information on what the people look like, so... eh. I'm going with a black portrait, which I think works (lots of Amnish there, which sort of has 'Moorish Spain' vibes- Valygar is black (unless you believe he's randomly heavily tan unlike any other NPC with sudden dreadlocks)), but I'm sure someone is going to bitch about how dare she be black because people bitched about Hexxat being black, and Hexxat's from freakin' Chult (tropical Africa). People are odd about that one. Kind of enjoying IWDEE's 'god mode'. I am so sick of people getting petrified and imprisoned in BG2. Petrified, I can stop: my sorcerer took protection from it and dutifully casts it whenever beholders show up, but only she's able to make herself immune to imprisonment. Hate that spell so much.
  8. Hey, I've been goofing around with the idea of writing something for Dreppin. He's a goof, but it's actually his droppleganger who makes me want to do it- the creature yells at you because "I would have followed you, if you asked" or something surprisingly sweet like that. And one really can't tell how much older he is then the PC... I mean, you and Imoen are implied to be the only 'kids' (I feel old, calling 20 year olds kids...), but five or ten years older isn't bad. I use infinity explorer, too, for reading dialogs: I find the tree much easier to follow then DLCPT. If you're running off the EE edition, though, you have to do a bit of work to set it up. In to the main directory (mine is D:/Black Isle/BG II EE or whatever), you'll want to put the baldur.ini file (you'll find that in your Documents / Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition' area; just copy it over) and then your dialog.tlk (in your lang/en_US folder if you're using the English language in the main directory). That'll allow Infinity Explorer to open the EE's, too. From there, it's pretty standard. (And, as always, the best way to combat the gender inequality in components is to write a component yourself, woo.)
  9. Twani

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    Oh, god, NPC mods. I was developing my druid character in my head. I keep thinking Bioware missed an opportunity with Suldanessellar (did I spell that right?). They have this beautiful elven city with this dramatic elven past, and... no characters are from it! (Coran from BG1 (and Kuylok brought him to BGII, of course) is from Tethyr, but never directly says he's from the city in canon- there's lots of elven cities in Tethyr.) Now, part of that is because they didn't want someone to meet Bodhi/Irenicus and be like 'OH HAI THAT'S THE QUEEN'S LOVERS (SISTER)', but... so much potential! But how to make sure they didn't spoil the story? Well, what if they were also an exile of sorts, although probably before the Irenicus thing happened? Then all they'd be able to do is be like 'Hm, Irenicus is an elven word... but a lot of people speak elven' and maybe go 'Huh, that vampire had pointed ears... a half-elf? Fae? Elves don't become vampires (shatup Viconia, Aerie, you don't exist)'. And Fenmal is the elven god of outcasts and exiles, who has druids in his service (yes Forgotten Realms elves can be druids Demihuman Dieties says so, yay 2E), and he has that whole dramatic past with having been Lloth's lover and almost seduced to the darkside that could go with a druid character who had a similar past and is fun to play with, and I'm like 'Oh no now I have another character I want to write'. And then I was playing Ajantis, Keldorn, and added Isra to my party for a bit to see her banters with Keldorn and I was like 'You know what this game needs? A paladin of HOAR. The bitterest, hatefulist, most knight in sour armourist paladin in the history of the world.' (Though how would lawful vs gods orders of revenge before reason go with advising Anomen? Hm...) And then I got another idea that would be fun to write. And then I realized I had two characters halfway written and should probably focus on them and I am so horrible at keeping to one project at a time and damn it, this was supposed to be out last summer. Sigh! But yeah, Rasaad! I sent you a few ideas about that, though they're dumb. You should ignore them, probably. On the Dragon Age Inquisition side, miracle of sound produced a DA:I song that's lovely: ! It's a very pretty song (that also ties in to their DAII song- fight for your values, fight for your friends). I would sort of recommend it to someone thinking about the game, but on the other hand, it is spoilery (the visuals- you can listen to the song without them with no spoilers). It uses mostly images from promo materials, but there are a few spoilery things- including an outline of the main bad guy, and particularly the 'big part' of Josie's romance. But it's pretty. All their songs are so pretty. ;_;
  10. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I'd love to see the EE NPC's included. (Well, Hexxat and Rasaad, anyway. I'm not sure the Cowled Wizards would put a Wild Mage in charge of the Sphere (then again, she doesn't have to tell them...), and Nalia is far too smart to leave the Keep to Dorn, I believe.) (Though if you didn't want to write a full thing for them, but still wanted to include them, I could see Renal refusing Hexxat because she's a vampire, and Rasaad declining because he doesn't feel he can put the Keep first in his chase for revenge, and thinks the people would deserve a ruler who could fully commit (plus, he's a street orphan).) I'm playing on BG2EE, and did run in to two bugs. One's not your fault, as far as I know: it's the damned ranger stronghold being as buggy as usual. Minsc received the cabin, and then received the first quest, killed the nobles, and talked to the forest spirit and saved the day. The second had the little boy Delan (or whatever his name is) appear on my screen, have a text over his head ('I have an offer for you' or something), then disappear before I could talk to him to get the orog attack. I used a script fixer CamDawg uploaded last year on the BG2EE forums and managed to get the little boy to spawn and talk to Minsc, and then the Mayor properly talked to Minsc... but although Malduf and the little boy were in the cave, the orgogs or ogrogs or whatever they are and the orc archers never spawned. So I ended up just giving up on Minsc and sending him to live in Umar Hills. Maybe he'd find them one day? As I said, I think this is just BGII being stupid: I've had that stupid kid bug on me in the original, the original with the BG2 fixpack component that's supposed to fix it, and now BGIIEE, but if there's anything you can look at it, it would be awesome. The other bug is much smaller, and actually ended up kind of funny. Because the paladin stronghold allows you to basically just keep going, I finished it far before any of the others with Keldorn. This caused the prelate to get stuck on 'Welcome back, Keldorn' (or something of that like). This led to problems with Anomen came to take his test: dramatic conversation with Sir Ryan Trawl, he sends us before the Prelate, Anomen asks me to follow him, and... 'Welcome back, Keldorn' says the Prelate, completely ignoring poor Anomen. (This also led to a bug with the Ajantis mod, where Ajantis needs to talk to the Prelate to tell him they killed the red dragon.) Kicking Keldorn out of the party for both those parts allowed them to proceed normally, so it's not a huge deal, but it happened. Other then that, everything is working perfectly. Nalia offered Anomen the fighter stronghold (I had him decline- saving him for Helm), Cernd was given the druid stronghold (though I abandoned him to it), and Anomen and Aerie were both approached in the Temple district (though I chose Helm, and then the Ser Sarras quest was also given to Anomen)... hm, need to finish that. Saved the Thief Stronghold till I get back from Underdark, and going to see how Imoen does there. Thank you for this mod; it's quite enjoyable. I really like the idea...
  11. Twani

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    I have a new keyboard with W's! Fear me! I freely admit that I only understand half of what your saying, InKai, but I think the 'dramatic emotional sequence' worked- and I'm an agnostic, which means 'faith based scenes' don't usually work for me. It's basically 'This is the end, our Hero has not saved the day, our leaders are bickering'- then G basically yanks on their emotional strings to get them to follow behind you. It works, as I'm pretty sure Solas was considering bailing at that point: when he saw everyone come together, he was willing to stay and open up, and only he (and a certain person you won't meet till Wicked Hearts) knew about Skyhold because it was an elven stronghold and Solas Is Very Elvey. As for Viv (who I think you're talking about?), she's in love with someone else. It's sweet. Well, as sweet as she gets. She is badass, though... 'Fiona, you're dementia is showing' is probably the best line ever. (If you're talking about Sera, just roll a gal. If Leianna, SHE WILL CUT YOU SHE IS CRAZY AVOID.) As for super sexy bitches I want, Dorian is gorgeous and I think his Chariot romance card is the prettiest of all the companion/adviser cards. I mean, I'm totally cool with him being gay, it totally makes sense that he is, and I'm glad that there's an actual gay guy in game, but... want. I can't get in to the male voices, though! I actually don't like American Female that much, either... Alix just did a great job. And I only rarely hear Traynor. Sort of funny that SWTOR now has the pre-Revan flashpoints doable by solos, but I think they're not avaliable free to play, as, you know, Revan. Meh. One day I'll probably resubscribe. Right now, I am having fun with EQ2, horrible graphics aside: my Coercer soloing everything in her sight is always fun. And I'm finally on my beloved Odus again. Playing BG2 again, to try Jatsey's Ajantis (feeling really awkward with Anomen, and had to dump Rasaad, as it just seemed so out of character for Rasaad to flirt with a woman who was engaged but it was hard to find a nice option to make him stop). Went and looked at Altan and Ayberk. Now redebating my decision to put the second in the first game: it would fit the story better for him to be in the second, admittedly, but I wrote so much already and he's fun arghhh. Also, cringing over Altan's earliest writings. He's supposed to come off as 'head in the clouds and sort of awkward', but I went too far and he comes across as a male Merill. I mean, with less fabulously horrible decisions (save for that one in his youth he gets all bitchy about), but still like totally 'would get himself locked in the Viscount's closet while picking daises' embarrassing/sad. Really bad. Have to work on that. (It's sort of hilarious, though.) Banter is still good (Faldorn's still needs redone), though, and I do like his interjections. Just need to work on the actual romance track. Argh I hate romance track. Why did I decide to do this? (Especially as BG1 needs an evil for females romance track more then it needs a good one...) Argh. Feeling urges to play Skyrim. Vilja just got a new release- she's the best companion for Skyrim, and she's fifty times of awesome. Of course, it means all my Skyrim gals are lesbians, but, well, hey. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.
  12. Twani

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    Zev is sort of... not exactly what he represents himself to be at times, so I was okay with his mixed signals as it comes out in a torrent later. Having said that, he and Leianna seem to get along well, so it makes some sense for him to be like "Hey, you might be breaking Lei's heart here, talk to her". It doesn't make as much sense with Ali and Morrigan, neither who he's that close to (and both who dislike him, at least, though he doesn't really have issues with them). I mean, he might be somewhat nervous Morg is going to kill him in his sleep (she would), but Ali? Alistair's not going to do anything but pout and be sad, so why would Zev care? (So have I ever wrote about my Dalish guy who gamed the system so I got everyone's romance dialog full but missed their 'choose or die' and thus had an epilogue where he ran off with all three of them? Sadly, that couldn't be imported in to DAI, though it was funny in DA:A and DAII when both Zev and Lei were like "OH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE <3"...) with my 'W' key the aay it is, I can't play DA:I right no... or most modern games, actually. Boo. Need to buy new keyboard. Oh, as for DA:I... this game is actually really easy. I was whining about my dual rogue, but then I put 'gets guard when hits' on his daggers. Suddenly, he's out damaging everyone and never dying (well, save for Viv, as Spirit Blade is OP beyond OP). So don't give up on a dual rogue/Cole, as they get really easy and rather powerful. Once you get to Skyhold, the game becomes painfully easy. Even nightmare isn't that tough, and I struggled with it in Origins and DAII at times. Friendly Fire, though, does make things hard, as basic strategy is 'two+ mages kill all' and then they start killing the warrior. (Reaver spec will also kill all your other melees, if you go that way.) So Nightmare normal is fine, but Nightmare + friendly fire is still at least somewhat tough, at least. I mean, I don't mind them having casual difficulty, and I wouldn't oppose to them putting in a narrative like Mass Effect or even a god mode like IWDEE has for people who are having trouble. But I wish they'd make the hardest modes actually hard, with things like 'enemies having better tactics' rather then 'EVERYONE BUT YOU GETS FIVE MILLION HPS WEEE'. Anyway, I'm about to start IWD:EE with Kuylok's NPCs. Then... I may write my own? I dunno. (Though I keep having dreams about writing either a halfling or an elven druid for BGII. I say 'or' because in some dreams, she's halfling, and some, she's elven. It's sort of weird.)
  13. Twani

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    First, my 'W' key is like, stuck. So I probably can't type it. Just, er, insert the letter where it belongs if I miss it. Second, finished my second playthrough. It took so long because I did EVERY FREAKIN war table mission ever (and waited to send Josie on most of them, as this was supposed to be 'noble dude does diplo things'). So, after two playthroughs... this is a fun game. ith some definite faults, but fun. At times, it's really, really beautiful. But other thoughts- your decisions don't seem to matter as much as I might like. Putting stuff behind spoilers, save for one arning... I'd ait and romance Sara on a non Dalish. Go ith Qunari. She thinks they're hot. Kinda want to work on IWD kids now, but ugh, voices, portraits. That sucks. May just play Elder Scrolls games. I hate my 'w' key.
  14. Good luck! I used to do the Yuletide exchange every year back... um... in the day? (hah) but then I went through one of those insecure 'woe my work sucks' phases and stopped because I kept feeling like I was writing crap in compared to what I got, though. It's a lot of fun, though, but... frustrating. Even with doing nanowrimo every year, I'm still not good with time limits. Again, good luck... hope you get it done well.
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