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Imps guestion about spell damages...

Jarno Mikkola

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How many of the spells use the pure spell related damage in the .spl file in the extended headers 0x16 - 0x1d bytes, as opposed to them using the opcode #12 to do their business ?

Is there a clear difference between the two and what would it be ?


I was thinking of making a mod that alters a related feature, and now that I am aware of this, I need to know if I actually should take all of this into account. And delay the weidu installation yet another horrible round of checks.

I know that most spells use the opcode #12... but if even one of them doesn't, I might get a lot of trouble.


The iesdp actually says that the extended headers feature is unused, so has anyone ever ran into a spell that uses it ? That actually works and all.

And thanks for answering the question...

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