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Any Gibberlings want to sort out an EE version?

Grim Squeaker

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I know it's been a while but thought I'd stick my nose in (with the release of EE).


I was wondering if a Gibberling fancied investigating an EE version of Tyris? I haven't even looked into how someone goes about doing that (or what makes the coding behave differently) but it's be nice to have the old girl compatible with the most widely available version of the game :)

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Just in case, anyone here wants to make Tyris BGII:EE compatible:

I' ve tried to make this mod compatible for the EE and had only little success, but maybe someone here can use my findings to ensure that Tyris can soon be played in EE.

I can tell to 99.99% that there must be some error in the INTERJECT, I_T_C and other commands like that. This mod isn't the only one who suffers because ot that error. I tried to fix that, but my modding knowledge is kinda limited, especially in BGII:EE, but maybe there's a modder here who reads this and can fix that. It's a shame that we can't play this great mod in the Enhanced Edition. :)

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there must be some error in the INTERJECT, I_T_C and other commands like that. This mod isn't the only one who suffers because ot that error.
Would you please specify what error(s) you are referring to? Stating yourself a limited modding expertise but at the same time stating that another mod must be bugged in several scripting commands is kind of contradicting, to say it politely.
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If I knew, what's the exact problem with the commands, I'd fix it myself, jastey. I can only tell you, that everything but the interjections work as far as I can tell. Let me give you an examle. (There *might* be SPOILERS ahead, not only for Tyris but for other mods)

Tyris is beginning the 20th lovetalk. If you have Aerie in your group and are romancing her as well, the game crashes at the point where Aerie should interject. Same problem with the Viconia romance conflict. The other banters worked so far.

I have the Unfinished Business mod installed for a while and it worked with my self created parties so far. But as soon as I had Aerie in the party and began to talk with the girl from the Kalah quest, the game crashed - although it always worked perfectly before. I loaded, tried again and again and still: the game crashed. Then I killed Aerie and the banter worked. You can follow me, right?

Then the third mod, where this problem occured: Longer Road. As soon as the Gromnir interjection should start, the game crashed AGAIN. I removed the LR-companion and it worked perfectly. Every other banter did not result in a game crash.


I don't know, what you think, but for me it looks like the Enhanced Edition doesn't support some of the interject commands. But feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. ;)

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I always wanted to try out this mod, so on the spur of the moment I have added basic BG2:EE compatibility to this mod (and fixed some minor issues). I haven't thoroughly tested it yet, but it installed flawlessly, Tyris and her equipment looked fine so far and the few banters I've already seen worked perfectly. I didn't really change anything content-wise, so don't expect any romance conflicts with the new BG2EE NPCs, but I have set their respective romance variables just in case to avoid compatibility issues with the Bodhi abduction scene.


Let me know if you find more (technical) issues. I don't plan to extend the actual content though. If you can come up with good ideas how to integrate Neera or Dorn into the romance, feel free to use this version as a basis.


Download: Tyris Flare NPC (latest release)



- Added basic BG2:EE compatibility (no romance conflicts with Neera and Dorn yet)

- Fixed wrong description of her non-upgraded armor

- Fixed dependencies of the Alternate Portrait subcomponent


Edit: Updated download link.

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Is there any chance you will add new stuff (like romance conflicts with the new NPCs), Grim?

Very unlikely. Top priority is making the mod fully BG2:EE compatible. I've taken care of their romance variables however to make sure you can't woo more than one love interest at a time. ;)


If you can wait a few days, I'll release a second beta soon which fixes a couple of issues.

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New release: Tyris Flare NPC v7 beta 2a (outdated)


I've done a full playthrough and managed to find and fix a couple of minor issues. This will probably be the last beta, unless someone has serious issues with the current release.



  • Removed redundant OGG->WAV conversion. BG2:EE supports OGG directly.
  • Fixed Tyris' casting voice.
  • Fixed Tyris' Firkraag interjection.
  • Fixed Tyris' Demogorgon interjection.
  • Fixed several area script issues.
  • I had included a WeiDU beta by mistake in the previous version. Updated to WeiDU v237.
  • Beta 2a: Added missing DLL for included character conversion tool iconv.
Edit: Removed link to beta 2a.
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New release: Tyris Flare NPC v7 final (outdated)

More recent versions can be found in the G3 Downloads section.

The final release of Tyris Flare NPC v7.


  • Added a string fixer script (select Tyris and press 'F' to trigger).
  • Using WeiDU's HANDLE_AUDIO for audio conversion instead of platform-specific batch files.
  • Fixed a couple of spelling errors.


Edit: Updated download link.

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