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[Pre-RC_Luridel][Solved] chooseasoundtrack error


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Seem that weidu macro is not recognized anymore (Weidu 236).

Which make the Soundset, Voiced lines and Music not avalaible.

Ouch, in fact the next part :

ERROR: Failure("Unknown macro: customized_cre_choice")
Aran Configuration -> Default configuration (Soldier) (Aran Whitehand NPC) was not installed due to errors.

Any idea as to what to do/how to install ?


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I am unable to replicate this issue. I did have reports of folks having this happen while using the BWP tool, so i will try to look in on The Imp, Dabus, etc., and any other folks working on that. It looks from the reported logs like Aran installs fine, but then goes back for a second pass, basically trying to install the mod a second time to handle the "optional" components. It may be something that can be handled by a simple ALWAYS : INCLUDE thing, but I want to make sure that actually works from the command line parameters that tool is passing to weidu.

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Moved a chunk of code to ALWAYS so it reevaluates on each component.


Recoded the project to use a custom .log file set by component number set (0, 1234, 56789, opt10 ) so that information lost from SETUP-MYMOD.DEBUG on reinstallation is preserved - floats with the components, is built in override, and then copied to the mod folder at the end of the install session.


Grumbled some old-guy stupidity like "when *I* was a baby coder.. grumble humpf grumble..."


Test installed, re-installed, used [n] [r] in all sorts of compinations, and so far it looks like this is fixed.

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