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[done] Sir Ajantis for BGII: v12 with ToB content


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Hey there, short question.

When do I actually meet Ajantis in this mod?


I just visited the Windspear Hills and as usual killed the gang of illusions + Ajantnis?


I am asking because I am using a megamod installation and jsut want to be sure if everything is alright.

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This is intentional, I didn't change the scene. Did knights of the order collect the bodies? If no, then the Ajantis mod didn't kick in. If yes, then everything is fine.


To regain Ajantis, a quest has to be solved. In Fierkrag's Lair, in front of the room where Garren's child is held prisoner, someone will hand over a golden globe. This globe opens a portal, behind which Ajantis can be freed.


Thank you for your interest in this mod!

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Oh, don't fret over that one. It's really only a timered talk with which Ajantis reminds the PC to return to an accessible area if the group is in inaccessible areas for too long. Inaccessible like the Underdark or somesuch where no messenger could be sent from. It's only there because I took it all a bit too literally when coding the romance. I don't think I'd include such a "check talk" again if I'd write it now. I don't think it ever triggered for anyone, to be honest.

EDIT: And it's not needed for the romance to proceed.

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Please specify which dialogues you are missing for v17, as this version does not have less dialogues but on the contrary the amount of dialogues and banters increased significantly starting from v15.


Thank you for the praise although I would enjoy it more if I knew you would play the most current version where all my love and work went into to make it complete the way I envisioned it.

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this is what I've noticed (compared to v14):

- some player-initiated dialogues (I'm sure of two: first help from Order to rescue for Imoen and second question abiut commanding officer Lady Eilana (sorry if I distort her name) are ending with message : NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS

- no Ajantis initiated flirts

- dialogue Anomen-Ajantiss and later Ajantis-Char about Anomen are missing

- and I've got stuck with dialogue 10/10a and I'm not sure if it's related but later on Ajantis got stuck in Helm Temple after his resurrection: He was just standing there endlessly (exactly about 35 days game time and more than 4 hours real time)

This is all I remember

Thanks in advance



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