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So, is a BGT version for EE possible in the future?


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You know, the good ol' Merge-into-one-game? I've read somewhere that it's mostly a matter of time. I admit I'd love that (esp. if it kept the character progression like BGT did - you know, giving, say, Minsc +1 STR would be recognized in BG2 part of the game).


What do you think?

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What about a 'bgee1 and 2 in iwdee' mod? That is something I'd love to see!

Why exactly ? The BG2EE's rotor should be the most uptodate of the three rotors (the engine is subjective discussion, so we'll call it rotor this time)... not that it's perfect legacy of their parts, but...

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Just a quick question, can't check myself cause I don't have BGEE purchased yet: Is EET available through the BWP in its beta state?

Well, no. BUT if you want to throw every beta to the rails, you can damage the game worse than any of the betas do to...gether... hmm never mind, as you just did that.


If not, is it even remotely possible to install it along other mods from ...

Yes, you can do this and install the EET by hand, on the BG2EE setup.

By the way, you should use the BiG World Setup(BWS) term, as the BWP is the BiG World Project, and that's a .pdf Project for just the non-EE BG2 game, and it's not a thing you can install. And you should undestand that the BWS's BG1EE and BG2EE setups have not anything to do with the nonEE-BG2:ToB install setup... so they are different lists, and different mods used etc.

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I always confuse BWS and BGP :)


I'll try the merger and the mods, and I'm guessing the damage to the game will be catastrophic :D Still, can't picture myself NOT playing "one game" and having to use EEkeeper my NPCs to match the stat increases from tomes I usually give them.

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