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Just wondering about Ascension


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I know the BG2EE ascension (BP one) and SCS is buggy as hell, so what options should I pick to avoid bugs?


I recall Ascension having "tougher Abazigal" "Tougher Sendai" and so on, I guess those fights are already improved via SCS, hence it's not necessary to install those improvements from Ascension?


Honestly all I like from Ascension is the dialogue/ending changes, if SCS mods the difficulty anyway I'm content with that (unless SCS doesn't modify the difficulty of ToB fights without Ascension instealled, of course!)



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SCS further alters Ascension's "Tougher X" components, and the various fights in the Ascension final chapter, in each case just by playing with their AI (i.e., leaving the basic Ascension-supplied CRE files untouched).


If Ascension is not installed, you'll get standard SCS AI for Yaga-Shura, Gromnir, the ToB final villain, human-form Abazigal, Balthazar (iirc) and (vanilla, mage) Illasera. I don't touch vanilla Abazigal.

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What about bugs? I've been told the BG2EE Ascension (from BW installer) and SCS like to crash games around ToB endgame battles.


Yeah, I wish Ascension was a part of SCS, too - it technically fits well with the ideology of making the game more of a challenge.


I beat BGT with Ascension and SCS2 installed like two years ago. It was really fun.

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so i heard BP ascension works .. kinda.. so can use v30 scs and BP ascension?? also atweaks.. my 3 big end of game mods unless someone runs with refinements.. ..anyways i know scs works but does it play nicely at all with bp ascension.. and does anyone happen to know if atweaks v4.40 is bg2EE friendly with scs and ascen bp?

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