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Multi Class and Experience Cap


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The XP Cap i chose ( lv30) through the tweakpack or SCS II, can't remember wich, doesn't seem to apply to Multi classed characters. It seems that they can LV up through lv 40/40 and above.


Is there a way around this ? I tried to make something happen using shadowkeeper but since i'm a computer noob I had no success.


I like to play things fair so what i'm aiming at is a Lv 15/15 character since i'm playing with the Lv 30 XP Cap.


Any help is aprecciated, thanks !

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Well, you might have installed a mod that overwrites the level cap... to fix, just open the game with the latest Near Infinity, open the 2da folder and then the xplevel.2da and look what amount of xp you want to jail the multi-class to and then edit the xpcap.2da table file.


EDIT: Yeah, the game doesn't use the level count as the deciding factor, but the over all XP the character currently has.

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