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Extended effect usability flag


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I am trying to sort out whether I can add an indoor/outdoor requirement to the usability of an extended effect of an item, It employs the "show area" opcode but i only want it to work outdoors. can this be accomplished without having to resort to writing a spell?

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Use two Cast Spell (opcode 146) effects with different spells. Put the 1st one (outdoors) to protect against the other spell (use opcode 206 and set par1 to -1, so no string displays) for one second.


Edit: why the fuck did I thought the user wanted to write a spell that acts differently outdoors/indoors? Oh crap... I should read the whole thread.

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I think this can be coded only in the EE, where you can set up conditional effects based on area flags. You don't really have to use separate spells and opcode 146.

It is enough if you add a resistance to itself (opcode 318) if the area is not outdoors.

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