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Shadow Realms by Bioware cancelled, yay!


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So, Bioware's been working on new content for SWTOR, DAI, ME4 and a game called Shadow Realms. A multiplayer-only game, meaning that no solo player could ever play it and/or enjoy the story - you needed several people to play it, and one more person as a villain.


No more! Fortunately, the project's been cancelled, which means that we would probably see those brilliant people working on single-player content for DAI, ME4, and - mostly - SWTOR.


I'm off to celebrate.

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The idea of a game where one person is playing a villain (or perhaps THE villain) like some of the boardgames currently going around sounds kind of interesting. I doubt you could do a more traditionally Bioware game with that kind of setup though, it's difficult to do a consistent story with multiple people in it (though Bioware did do pretty well with SWTOR's MMO), and it would be a quite different game from a lot of their other stuff. I'd be OK with it as long as it was definitively a multiplayer game and not pretending to be their usual single player story affair. That said, I'm certainly not averse to having them do more pure single player stuff and I'll keep my eye out for more stuff from them.


I'm still not deep enough yet in DA:I to see if they've recovered from the various brands of stupidity they put in DA:2 and ME3, however.

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It's a shame for them I think though because some of the updates and concept of the setting seemed pretty neat. I'd like to see them not throw away that setting and maybe apply it towards another single player project. While I'd like to see them step away from the MMO genre completely (I like the ME and DA multiplayer because it's separate and closer to co-op than an MMO) I can understand if they've sunk so much money into it and EA not wanting to give up that revenue.


For now I'm eagerly awaiting E3 in hope that they will reveal the next Mass Effect. I personally think the DA team really redeemed themselves with Inquisition (it's not perfect of course) and you can tell they are proud of it, something I didn't really see with DA2. Hopefully the ME team has taken some notes. I'm also glad to see new leadership on the ME project - I think that there was a lot of antagonism from the management of ME2/3 towards the players and that really sucked.

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