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How to reverse weidu to previous version?


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Ok, so I had this nasty computer crash which destroyed among many other things my current vanilla bg1 TOS playthrough with almost every mod under the sun for good ole BG:TOSC. Five months later I feel unbearable nostalgia so I decided to give it another shot. But unfortunately current version of WEIDU is 237 which won't allow certain polish mod called Mysteries of the Sword coast to install. If I install it first with it's older weidu version everything is fine but unfortunately this mod must be close to the end of the installation. Is there a way to amend this or I am out of luck?

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WeiDU is supposed to be backwards compatible, so this sort of thing shouldn't happen. Hopefully, the next version of WeiDU will work with the mod.

Until then, there is a way to do what you want. First, grab yourself a copy of an older version of WeiDU that works with the mod. The one that comes with Mysteries of the Sword Coast (Setup-TWM_Pack.exe) should work. Paste this in your game folder.

If you try to run that directly, it will get overwritten by newer versions of WeiDU that reside in the same folder.

WeiDU has a command-line switch that prevents it from trying to update the current mod or any others. You'll need to open a command prompt and navigate to your game directory. To install the mod, enter this in the prompt:

Setup-TWM_Pack.exe --noautoupdate

If you later run any setup-modname.exe files without using this switch, Setup-TWM_Pack.exe will get updated. To avoid that (in case you ever want to uninstall something), you should perform all other mod installations and uninstallations the same way using the command prompt:

setup-modname.exe --noautoupdate
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I would suggest that instead of the command prompt, Greenhorn should likely use a self made .bat file in the game folder with this code inside it:

setup-modname.exe --noautoupdate

The .bat file is just a file made from a new .txt file by renaming it to have a .bat file extension instead of the .txt, the .bat extension will inform windows to run it as any normal executable file with the use of the CMD.exe in the directory the file is in. It's use will allow anyone to easily to use the command prompt in the game folder without the need to dos command's like CD..'s etc.

The pause at the end will allow the use of further commands which is the only real problem with the .bat files usually.

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Thanks for advice guys. I will try it. I think that the crew from weidu forum is already aware of some problems with this version as they do new betas of it currently. As for that polish mod it's site is on polish plus they require registration and whatnot. Anyway, thanks for speedy solution for this problem.

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