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New opcodes


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Are these a sign of things to come, or just something to make me waste my time trying to get to work but all they do is crash...



322- Evade AOE

323- Turn Undead Level

324- Immunity Spell and Message

325- Save vs. all

326- Add Effects List

327- Icewind Visual Spell Hit

328- Set State

329- Slow Poison

330- Float Text

331- Random Monster Summon

332- Specific Damage Modifier

333- Static Charge

334- Turn Undead

335- Seven Eyes

336- Display Eyes Overlay

337- Remove: Opcode

338- Disable Rest

339- Alter Animation

340- Change Backstab Effect

341- Change Critical Hit Effect

342- Animation: Override Data


Wish there was a "change turn undead" effect in there...


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