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Trying out PauseGame(), seems to be broken. Anyone seen it work?

It looks like it does not work if any automatic pause (like pause on enemy sighting, etc) is activated.

Since most people use this (or other autopause) n game, it seems it is useless in modding.

I tried it once in a script. I then used


instead, which works.

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PauseGame() works, but it has to be called from a creature script of a controllable creature or via ActionOverride().

Thank you.



I'm sorry, DialogInterrupt? Unless I misunderstand completely, it has nothing to do with game pause.

Sorry, I meant use DialogInterrupt *in front* of pause not *instead*











This block in a joined NPC's script works

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I can't have it rely on AI being turned on, and I'm trying to avoid using party NPC for that, because PauseGame cancels their current action (which is the reason I tried to use third party cre in the first place).

Dplayer2.bcs relies on AI being turned on? Really? I doubt that statement - the script is assigned to any joined NPC automatically as default script, except Player1 who has DPlayer3.bcs.

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... Spawn an "ALLY" creature that is invisible and has no foot cirlce to trigger the pause? (If it makes any sense. I am glad I needed this for a joined NPC. Didn't know it's so complicated...)


The description of PauseGame() says "Script processing is halted while the game is paused" which I thought means that the script will be only stopped and continued to be executed after the pause?

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I tried ally, pc, familiar - doesn't work for some reason (allegiance set with changeenemyally).

The script that calls pausegame will stop and resume, yes. But if you have player1 casting a spell when that pausegame fires, the spell will be interrupted.

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