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Enable brightening in ToB conf setting


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Thanks for info. I been in doubt whether to enable brightening and automated speed adjustment. The later is out of question. For the former I assume your recommendation for best graphical experience is enabling of brightening, disabling of mid and leaving high level option?

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(...) if I enable this option which is by default off, will I enhance game graphically or decrease it?


I think the brightening options should only affect the visual quality of spells without 3D acceleration.


According to Ascension64, brighten is a blending method used only in 2D mode. It simply changes some palette colors to resemble translucency. I believe mid level brightens only select spells while high level works on all spells.


With 3D acceleration on, an OpenGL blending function is used instead.


I'm not sure, but there may be some spells which don't use 3D acceleration at all, so it's probably safe to enable brightening with both levels checked for best spell effects.

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