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SOD additional file formats

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I see that there are a few additional file formats that are new, i only looked at the bifs from SOD so cant say if they are part of 2.0 EE updates (probably are, makes sense that they would be in them as well) but i havent updated my EE installations to 2.0 as yet to verify that.


0x408 (1032) Beamdog EE 2.0
0x409 (1033) Beamdog EE 2.0
0x40A (1034) Beamdog EE 2.0



SoDUI.bif contains a 'UI' file (0x408) and a 'util' file (0x409) - both are text asciii files which im guessing are lua or script based? based on the content.


Few other files found in PATCH20.bif and SODOVR.bif have a few files marked as resource 0x40A which appear to be a binary format


Edit: I see from argent77's post in the UI Modding on beamdog forums that the 0x408 files are .menu and the 0x409 files are .lua files.

  • UI.Unknown (408h) => UI.MENU
  • BGEE.Unknown (409h) => BGEE.LUA


It appears that the 0x40A files are true type fonts .ttf

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Yes, they said that every other company would be like "we are not going to deal with this shitty 80's engine, no way!" but they cannot have such luxury of not dealing with assembler-like bytes modification.

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