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Trouble installing Tempus kit via BWS in BGEE v2.0.62.2


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What do you mean by "missing strings?"


Currently there is a file in SoD that is not patched by fl#add_kit_ee, which means that when you have a mod kit, your character sheet will look like you are trueclass. But the kit details show up in character generation and all the the functional aspects of the kit work fine.


We will need an update to fl#add_kit_ee from Wisp for this to be fixed.


Oh heck, isnt that on Github? I might as well just go do it myself. Back in a jiffy -

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The strings show up as invalid-XXXX* for both kit name and description.

Yesh but where? In the character generation menus? Or in the record sheet when you're actually playing the game?


@ALIEN are you using my fork of fl#add_kit_ee.tpa for this? It fixes the issue with SODCLTXT.2da.


In addition several of the spells have corrupt names.

OTOH this makes me think that this is all just an issue of someone having a borked dialog.tlk, for other reasons.
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Actually this is probably because OP installed SoD from Steam or GOG. in which case, you need the modmerge utility:




For the sake of Posterity, here is what is needed to use mid kits with EE 2.0/SoD:


1) If you have the Steam it GOG version of SoD, use ModMerge. If you have SoD from Beamdog or do not have SoD, skip to step 2.


2) Grab a copy of 25stweap.2da from BG2EE or from IWDEE or from the /compatibility subfolder of my Might & Guile mod, and drop it into your override folder.


3) Install kit mods! The kit mods should be using my fork of fl#add_kit_ee.tpa, and ideally they should be installing 25stweap.2da into BGEE/SoD on the player's behalf. (My mods do both.)

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