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We will see once those mobile builds becomes updated to patch 2.x and got SoD expansion. There is a high chance that the file produced by Argent77's DLC utility will work on mobile platforms as it is.


Plus, it's installing some 'webm' videos with ffmpeg... who knows if that stuff will even work on mobile... :(

WBM files are used by the engine. I'm pretty sure that Beamdog choose this format because of mobile platforms. You don't even need codecs to play it - any HTML4 browser can view them, so it's highly unlikely that Beamdog would use different movie format on mobile.

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There is still the issue of PVRZ file support. The desktop games are all using DXT1 and DXT5 pixel encoding for textures. The supported encoding formats for mobile may vary from model to model. I know for certain that a number of models use the PVRTC encoding instead, which is not supported by the tileconv and tile2ee tools, and only partially supported by NI (read-only support). There are probably more. PVRZ supports a lot of different texture encoding formats.

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