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Simple question about a GUI component


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Hi there. On enhanced editions, what is the .bam file that corresponds to the background image of a slot in a container? Err, that is a bit difficult to understand. Let me explain more. When you click on a table, chest, drawer or pile on the ground etc. You see items on/in it. But also the items rest in a background, I want to know the name of the file for that background image, for personal mod uses. I know the guiwdbut.bam and some other bams, all of the stoneslot bams, etc. But I can't seem to find THIS particular bam. I am editting all of the inventory background images but this one eludes me.


I am asking about THIS background color .bam file as shown in the screenshot attached. I just need its name. If anyone more knowledgable is kind enough to inform me, I would be grateful.





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