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So some of the original models ARE in


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The list of available animations includes the original fighter's avatar from BG1. For women at least. It's just something I glimpsed in passing, making an NPC, never really looked into these things, but I like what I see. She is a tad too short for my liking, but much shapelier and more interesting than the standard fighter's avatar for women BGEE uses. I thought those files were "lost art"? Well, if they are available, why not convert all characters to them?

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Unless you're talking about something else, what was lost were the source assets - models, textures, rigging etc. - used to produce the sprite framesheets that you see in-game. The sheets are readily available with any copy of the game, but you have to be really daft to try and edit them by frame.

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Well, if they are available, why not convert all characters to them?

Do they have every animation the game needs to make them work. Unlikely. -> You can try, but if the game crashes when you equip two different swords at the same time, because the game doesn't have the animation resources to do that, well there's a problem, and no original solutions. So it can't be done in the original game without adding them. And there's other things... like having to edit the bgmain.exe to enable each of the animations for the game to use them, by extending the file.


The Infinity animations kinda does this and other things without making the game crash to the original BG2, and thus it's incorporated into the EE games, but only in parts. Like for example, the second sword might not show up at all. You of course are free to utilize all the resources the games contain. With invisible second weapons and all.

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