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Speed of items and Turn Undead


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I don't know which scroll that is, but it surely applies the effect or creates the projectile, not do any casting.


This is not entirely correct. The spell cast opcode (with the proper options) executes the FORCESPELL action. That is like casting the spell (sans requiring it in the book + removing it from the book).

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that's just a name, it's not really comparable to casting. No casting time, no depletion, no interrupt, no stance change and maybe more.

Sorry, but "no casting time" is not true, as it becomes instant.

"No depletion" is no true either as you loose the scroll casting the spell, or one scroll from a stack if you have more than one.

"No interruption"... how many spells that have timer zero aka they are instant have interruption. None.

"No stance change"... well, you can't cast another spell until the round is over or use the HLA opcode 188 to remove the restriction for a while.



Part of this is BS, though :D Depletion is done by an entirely different mechanism. If the item has no deplete charges, it wouldn't vanish. It isn't the spell casting action (forcespell) that destroys the item, but the fact you used the item (just replace the opcode with something else, the scroll will still vanish)

The differences are really just the difference between 'spell' and 'forcespell'.

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