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Speed of items and Turn Undead


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In the pen-and-paper rules, everything has an effect on initiative, even creature size. In the IE games does Turn Undead have a speed? Is there any opcode that affects use of items - or is it subject to the same 189/190?

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Well... there's really no need to subject the modal actions(turn undead, bard songs, shaman call) for that as their casting time is: zero.

Items, depending of the exact one.. should usually be using opcodes such as #146/148 that are either or are not depending on the choice the maker made.

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Items don't cast spells. As for modals, just try slowing a bard and cleric.

Then what is the first ability's effect the scrl1e.itm has ? That's a spell cast by an item ... so, we are an impasse if you just decide to not declare a clarification ... yes, there are also items that do other things such as amul17.itm that has no clear spell representation... but in that too, the effects that the use activates have zero as the cast timer, and so slowing the carrier doesn't effect the "spells" application timer.

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that's just a name, it's not really comparable to casting. No casting time, no depletion, no interrupt, no stance change and maybe more.

Sorry, but "no casting time" is not true, as it becomes instant.

"No depletion" is no true either as you loose the scroll casting the spell, or one scroll from a stack if you have more than one.

"No interruption"... how many spells that have timer zero aka they are instant have interruption. None.

"No stance change"... well, you can't cast another spell until the round is over or use the HLA opcode 188 to remove the restriction for a while.

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Wait. Let's get this back on track. For modal actions, if you mean those activated from the interface, speed doesn't appear instantaneous. I've had to wait before Turn Undead begins to work, as I'm sure you have. As for items, theirs powers are called "Cast spell" or "Cast spell at point." The question is, who is doing the casting: the item, i.e. the engine directly, or the character using the item? If it's the latter, then it might be subject to the casting-time opcode. I can test for this, but, when I ask these questions, I hope people will already know and just tell me, so I don't have to. That's the point of sharing experience - it should be experience, not just an understanding of how the toolset works in principle. I've had a lot of advice I couldn't do without on the boards, but somehow for every practical question I have to test...


Edit: okay, I went and tried applying 189 and 190 to wands and potions. No effect.

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Did you try the proper used opcode 188 to sync the potions, bard songs and other things in the same round from the single character ? Essentially they should be able to cast ~9 spells this way inside the 6 second round time. Like said, the instantaneous spells take time, but not much.

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