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How to switch off the blood animation?


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I have already switched off the "Gore" option in the gameplay menu, but still I see lot of blood on my screen, in human-like npc and even in bloodless monsters such as skeletons -




(SoD - Started Catacombs)


I just don't like depicting blood in the PC-games, so any idea how I can change at least it's color to green, for an example. Thanx.

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try setting this in baldur.lua (documents directory)

SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Memory Access','0')
as for blood colour you would need to edit INI files. Download Near Infinity to do so.
Well, interesting. I have a Near Infinity! But I just curios how option about "memory access" is connected to the blood depicting in the game O_o .

Okie-dokie, I will try it.

And will be nice to turn a blood into something green, but not a red.




fixed with the blank animation of blood - thanx to argent77 from forums.beamdog.com

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