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Vet EET install help/questions

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I have always done my own BGT setup mod by mod using the BWS pdf as a reference. This allowed me to personally select the individual modules I wanted and didn't want. The other day I finally bit the bullet and purchased BG2:EE and SOD since they were such a great price. Before I've always used the regular versions of the game.


I've been away for about a year or so as RL has taken its toll. It looks like the BWS pdf is rather outdated in terms of EE setup. I've been doing a lot of reading to try and catch up.


1. Is the best way to go about having a seamless install to install BG1 only mods, then EET, then BG2 mods? Is there a more up to date pdf with components and install order?

2. Do kits also need to be updated to be EET compatible? I'd like to update my own kit mod (JKits) so it's up to date with everything.


Anything else I should know? I've done probably 75 installs over the 15 plus years, but at this point I'm just too rusty and way behind the curve.

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The pdf is the BWP not BWS. BWS is a tool/program to install all types of games. You can use it for EET as well, it is fairly up-to-date. BWP manual is unusable for EET other than to read the general mod descriptions.

The best advice is

http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27741&hl= and here http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27756 Even here the list is not fully accurate anymore. Some mods from the BGEE part have been updated for full EET support and are now installed in BG2EE after EET without the patches. Read the readme's or mod pages.


The procedure in general is

1: Install a clean BGEE (run modmerge if you have steam or Gog version)

2.Install the mods from part 1 of the list (see my hint above)

3.Install a clean BG2EE

4.Unpack the mods you want but do not install any yet

5.Install the fixpack

6. Run EET

7.Install the mods, some of them now patched by fixpack

8.Run EET_End

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Welcome Joshua!


So you're the one with the jkits ?

Wow, I'd like to have the Vampire Hunter eh... Undead eliminator again.....


Its a pity, that a lot of (Fighter) Kits are missing from EET....


So it would be great if Jkits will be compatible at last!


(I only just started a new EET Install...(my first))

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2. Do kits also need to be updated to be EET compatible? I'd like to update my own kit mod (JKits) so it's up to date with everything.


nothing has to be changed for EET in kit mods. If you're using GAME_IS in your code just remember to include ~eet~ there. If there is problem during installation than you're probably using outdated fl#add_kit_ee.tpa (it should be the one from 2016-04-17 or later)


edit: since you've mentioned that you are new when it comes to EE games than keep in mind that EE engine requires some additional patches during kit installation. That's what fl#add_kit_ee.tpa file distributed with weidu is for. Here is tutorial regarding EE kits: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/34119/how-to-making-kit-mods-for-the-ee/p1

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