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BG2 EE Psionics Mod


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Hello all!

Just picked up BG2 EE and was trying to find the mod that put psionics in the game - no luck at all.

I am ignorant of mods or how to make them go - but I am learning more. My research led me here.

Anything you good people can do to assist would be greatly appreciated.



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Have you tried putting your title in a search engine? Instahit for me and it's a non-tracking site.

You forgot to mention that the SHSforum has been down for a few days. And I for one don't know why...

But the eventual link will be here when it returns.

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Yes - the link goes to a site that is down. I didn't know that it has only been down for a short while.

It comes up in a lot of places, but thus far, I have been unable to track down a viable link.

I figured you guys were the experts - so I figured to ask here.

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So I put it in the game - and I can select Psion as a class - but it doesn't seem to make it over into the game - power points or abilities to choose - just shows as fighter :(

Looks like the last post on the shs forum on the subject was from 2015.

If you guys are unable to help - looks like I am up the creek :p

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I don't know EEs, but the original didn't support adding new classes and I doubt that changed. So it has to be a kit or done via dialog/script at some point. I'd just recheck the mod documentation.

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