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Do NPC cast Detect Invisibility, Inv. Purge, True Seeing etc.?

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Detect Illusion? Do enemies ever do that, or are those spells just for the party? What about script changes in Sword Coast Stratagems?

I'm thinking of some changes to the way these spells work so that they exclude the caster side but include neutrals instead of just working on enemies to the casting side, but it's extra work. If enemies never cast those spells, it's easier to block GOODCUTOFF specially.

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Those spells are only ever self-targeted. Enemies only use True Seeing in combat when someone is in stealth. When not in combat, if a PC approaches them in stealth, clerics tend to cast Invisibility Purge, while mages (level 10 or higher) tend to cast Oracle, as a reaction to "detecting but not seeing PC". AFAIK, Detect Invisibility and Detect Illusion are not used - at least not in the SCS I installed a long time ago.

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Thank you. You are more helpful than the creator of that mod. (I wish you would reply to messages, though...)

So how do those lines run, if the spells are Myself-targeted? Do they follow LastSeenBy checks? I'm changing most detection spells so that they work as sight cones. Those cones face the wrong way if Self-targeted in scripts or if the spells have the Caster target. Casting something on yourself makes it go out your back. And by the way, if someone knows a particularly clever way of redirecting-reflecting these self-casts so that they end up going out forward, I would gladly hear him out (even if he doesn't reply to messages). If self-targeting projectiles could be made to face the right way, these spells could be kept as Caster-type and wouldn't have to break stealth, as they do when targeting Point in range. Then it would be possible to go around an area cloaked and investigate encounters without becoming seen.

With script lines, if they check for LastSeenBy before casting Spell(Myself,WIZARD_ORACLE), I can rewrite the scripts to target LastSeenBy instead, and then the cones will face correctly.

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Detect() sets LastSeenBy too. I don't know how complicated this is going to be, but if all those actions do is check for detection and apply a round-area dispel to Myself, then it shouldn't be hard to change them to beam a sight cone on LastSeenBy instead.

Ideally detection spells would not break stealth. But it's in game mechanics that anything directed at an outside point will uncloak the character. It would be perfect to avoid this by changing the spells so that they are Caster-targeted. This is possible, but, like I said, casting on yourself makes the cone face the wrong way. I've exhausted the engine's possibilities for reflecting/cheating this back on the caster last night, I think. Not breaking stealth would be a nice bonus, though.

Sight cone.jpg

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