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Joster, the guy who's sent to collect Renal's money from the thieves' guild, will always initiate dialogue with a line that doesn't make sense after the first time. He says ~Ahh, you return. Obviously you have come to your senses and will pay the quota that Renal is due.~ even when you arrive for the first time.


Suggested fix:


IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(0)~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from:
 SAY #32294 /* ~Hail, <CHARNAME>! It is time! Renal awaits your tribute!~ */
 IF ~Global("TalkedToJoster","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN REPLY #32538 /* ~Time? Time for what? What are you doing here?~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("TalkedToJoster","GLOBAL",1)~ GOTO 1
 IF ~Global("TalkedToJoster","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN REPLY #32819 /* ~Yes, yes, I have been expecting you. No need to get excited.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("TalkedToJoster","GLOBAL",1)~ GOTO 2
 IF ~!Global("TalkedToJoster","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN GOTO 3

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NumTimesTalkedTo(0) will mean he says the original line each time he shows up to collect after the first--even if the PC has never failed to pay promptly. I'd suggest using a different variable, one that only gets set if the PC refuses to pay, and gets unset if the PC pays.

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