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Adapting an armor to IR conventions

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I have a personal mod I use that is installed before the wide-range change components of IR (IRR actually). What I do currently is to add at the end of lib/armor_list.tpa the following block:


ACTION_IF MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~items_pack/items_pack.tp2~ 0 BEGIN
    OUTER_SET $armor("iu#leat1") = 194  // Armor of the Shadowmaster


Is there a way to do this kind of thing from my own mod so that IR will pick it up later (it is not currently picking it up without the above insertion, so that e.g. resistances are not being set) and allow the general components to do their thing? Messing with other mod's source is always very brittle.

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I have added a couple of armors and shields from SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade mod to armor_list.tpa and shield_list.tpa for my own use, so I figure I will share. @Daeros_Trollkiller if you could take a look if I get it right, that would be awesome.

1. Armors:


dtklea02 => 1 // The Night's Embrace +6
dtklea1a => 21 // Chromatic Shadow Dragonscale (red)
dtklea1b => 21 // Chromatic Shadow Dragonscale (blue)
dtklea1c => 21 // Chromatic Shadow Dragonscale (white)
dtklea1d => 21 // Chromatic Shadow Dragonscale (silver)
dtklea1e => 21 // Umbral Viridian Dragonscale
dtkleat1 => 21 // Verdant Shadow Dragonscale
dtkleat2 => 21 // Green Dragonscale +4
dtkplat1 => 22 // Verdant Crimson Dragon Plate (red
dtkplt1a => 22 // Verdant Crimson Dragon Plate (shadow)
dtkplt1b => 22 // Verdant Crimson Dragon Plate (blue)
dtkplt1c => 22 // Verdant Crimson Dragon Plate (white)
dtkplt1d => 22 // Verdant Crimson Dragon Plate (silver)
dtkplt1e => 22 // Carmine Viridian Dragon Plate

2. Shields


dtkshld1 => 1 // Mirrored Buckler of the Fist +2
dtkskls3 => 2 // Small Shield +3
dtkshld3 => 3 // Dragonscale Aegis +4
dtkshd2a => 4 // Bulwark of Egons +4
dtkshld2 => 4 // Bulwark of Egons +3

I have checked it via Near Infinity and it seems patching routine of IR (well, I've checked on IRR but it's no different) works perfectly.

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