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Cernd scripting fix


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I came across some files I'd saved from a loooong time ago on Usenet. One of them contained some .cre files and a .bs script that were intended to assist a player with this problem:


Hawk <neogen.hawk@ntlworld.com> wrote in message news:3c233025$0$8514$cc9e4d1f@news.dial.pipex.com...

> Hi, I am playing BGII for the second time and have Cernd in my party but

> when I entered the main city after completing the Trademeet quest with him

> but I don't get the Cernd quest that I got when playing the game the first

> time round, first time round I was approached by a peasant who said he new

> Cernd and we went searching for his kid but so far this hasn't happened and

> I have been in and out of the city several times now without much luck, is

> this a bug or something I have/haven't done with him I am playing a Paladin

> with Jaheira, Minsc, Sir Anomen and Yoshimo in my party and have a

> reputation of 20 (heroic) if any one has any suggestions please email to

> nick.lawrence@orange.net


> Many thanks in advance.



This happened to me once.


Just by way of explanation (in the case you don't know already): the game tries to match the level of the joinable NPCs your character meets to the level of your character.  For instance if your character is x level, Cernd will be x level and if your character is y level, Cernd will be y level and so on.  Also, each NPC has an 'override' script that governs his behavior (things like quests, etc.) -- this override script is always on and is not the same as the scripts you can assign to your character and the other party members in the game.


Anyway, the last two Cernd 'creatures' (Cernd13 and Cernd13b) are lacking the override script.  I'm not sure if this is intentional or an accident on Bioware's part.  You encounter these versions of Cernd only if your PC is of a fairly high level.




I meant to write K. Dorner (the Baldurash guy) about this a long time ago but forgot.  I guess I should do this now. :-)




Looking at cernd13.cre and cernd13b.cre in NI do confirm that he does not have any script assigned whatsoever.


I guess to fix this we could use something like:


COPY_EXISTING ~cernd13.cre~ ~override~
             ~cernd13b.cre~ ~override~


(I'm behind the times when it comes to all the new WeiDU stuff. Feel free to rewrite this code).

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This has been added, with an additional fix. ToB Cernd has his script in the class slot, meaning it gets lost when he joins the party. In typical Cernd fashion, there is no actual content lost.


// ToB cernd also missing his override script
COPY_EXISTING ~cernd14.cre~ ~override~
 WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~CERN25~ #8


Included in alpha 3.

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