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Welcome to the new boards everyone!


The upgrade went mostly without a hitch... some of the old quote tags didn't convert well so I ended up doing a lot of manual corrections. If you spot any layout problems in the threads, please let me know and I'll correct it ASAP.


Your PMs and settings should have transferred over, as have your passwords. However, should you have trouble logging in, restoring old settings, or other troubles, please contact me via PM or at webmaster@gibberlings3.net.


Take a moment to look through your new control panel. Among the new features you'll also find some skins to try out--four are variations of the default scheme plus a winter theme.


Enjoy the new look everyone. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, either here in this thread or by email or PM.



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Heh, I already nabbed all the free skins that I could, but I'll take another run and see what I can find. One problem is that the conversion locked all text as black, so I had to discard some nifty skins that used black as their background, as the text was invisible.

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Everything seems to be working OK on my end, Cam. Good job on the conversion.


If you do manage to find a way around the black text only thing, there is a pretty nifty skin here: http://www.invision-skins.de/forum/index.p...s&CODE=02&id=36


and here: http://www.invision-skins.de/forum/index.p...ds&CODE=02&id=1


Here's one that will work with black text: http://www.invision-skins.de/forum/index.p...s&CODE=02&id=33

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Wait... I did just notice something is missing...


I can't find the "Mark this forum as read" that is on the FWS board and was on the old G3 board. It's no big deal if it can't be added, it just made it easier to keep up with forum browsing. :)


Duh... nevermind. :D

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OK, a couple of items from the conversion:


* Members numbers are completely off, however fixing this is a lot more trouble than it's worth. Plus, I'm rather amused that I'm now member #8. :D

* I had accidentally disabled the ability for members to change their titles; this has been fixed.

* The converted black text problem has been sorted--thanks goodness for SQL search-and-replace. I think we'll be able to install skins with black backgrounds now.


edit: skins with black backgrounds have been added.

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