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[BG1] Note to Translators: new lines in French needed


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@25  = ~Ce mod n'est pas compatible avec ce jeu.~
@26  = ~Ce mod doit être installé avant EET_End.~

Note that refering to EET install is redundant... ;)


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I mean this message only appears on a EET install if you try to install the mod after EET_End. In French, it sounds very weird to mention a EET Install in this case. It is just like if you said "Merry Christmas because today is Xmas day". ;)

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But it's not mentioning the EET install? It says that the mod has to be installed before EET_End, which is the name of the executable this message refers to. EDIT: And there are players who are not aware that "installing NPC mods on EET" does actually mean to install them between EET and EET_End.

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In this case, I prefer translating


@26 = ~This mod needs to be installed before EET_End on your EET install.~



@26 = ~Ce mod doit etre installe avant EET_End et apres EET, comme tous les mods ajoutant un PNJ dans un jeu EET.~

Note that I fixed the typos with accents. ;)

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