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Dynamic Install Order - providing enforced install order rules for you mods


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The work continue in order to enable install order rules directly from components using METADATA keyword.

Basic example of how to use WeiDU new 'METADATA' keyword in order to provide data for PI's Dynamic Install Order feature:

Example of LocalRules.tp2

BEGIN "Local Rules Main" LABEL "LocalRules-Main"
METADATA "AFTER = Ascension, DSotSC"

BEGIN "Local Rules Extra" LABEL "LocalRules-Extra"
METADATA "BEFORE = FaithsAndPowers, TomeAndBlood"
  • the format stays the same as for global rules with the addition of usual weidu keyword syntax
  • one statement for one METADATA, you can't put BEFORE/AFTER into single METADATA occurrence
  • local rules from components will override (instead of combining) global rules from ini


Can you take look at the example above and test it using PI 0.8.6 ?

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