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Additional Text Updates

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I'm not sure if the text update already STRING_SETs some of these strrefs. Please also take note of the myriad of comments throughout. :bday:


STRING_SET 6328 ~Arrow~
STRING_SET 6759 ~Arrow~
STRING_SET 6761 ~Arrow +1~
STRING_SET 6763 ~Acid Arrow~
STRING_SET 6765 ~Arrow of Detonation~
STRING_SET 6766 ~Arrow of Dispelling~
STRING_SET 6768 ~Arrow of Ice~
STRING_SET 6769 ~Arrow of Piercing~
STRING_SET 8255 ~Azuredge +3~
STRING_SET 21368 ~Kiel's Morning Star +3~
STRING_SET 38609 ~Flail of Ages +1~
STRING_SET 3487 ~Blessed Bolt +1~
STRING_SET 6868 ~Long Bow of Marksmanship +2~
STRING_SET 6870 ~Eagle Bow +2~
STRING_SET 5667 ~Short Bow of Gesen +4~
STRING_SET 6146 ~Elven Chain~
STRING_SET 65032 ~White Dragon Scale +6~ // ...seriously.
STRING_SET 1696 ~Nester's Dagger~
STRING_SET 20884 ~Werebane +1~
STRING_SET 37574 ~Dagger of <CHARNAME> +1~ // Also needs "magical" flag and "enchantment" field setting.
STRING_SET 64545 ~Ixil's Spike +2~
STRING_SET 32125 ~Drow Full Plate Mail +5~
STRING_SET 46672 ~Drow Long Sword +3~
STRING_SET 46703 ~Drow Crossbow of Speed +3~
STRING_SET 35100 ~Duskblade +2~
STRING_SET 5685 ~Wave Halberd +4~
STRING_SET 22262 ~War Hammer +1, +4 vs. Giantkin~
STRING_SET 60862 ~Crom Faeyr +5~
STRING_SET 17791 ~Studded Leather of Missile Attraction +2~ // Was this shortened because it was too long ingame?
STRING_SET 50826 ~Bow of Arvoreen +2~
STRING_SET 51940 ~Corthala Family Armor~
STRING_SET 51941 ~Corthala Family Armor~
STRING_SET 8487 ~Firecam Full Plate Mail +1~
STRING_SET 8488 ~Firecam Full Plate Mail +1~
STRING_SET 8482 ~Delryn Family Shield +1~
STRING_SET 8483 ~Delryn Family Shield +1~
STRING_SET 8503 ~Staff of the High Forest +2~
STRING_SET 8504 ~Staff of the High Forest +2~
STRING_SET 8478 ~Sword of Arvoreen +2~
STRING_SET 8479 ~Sword of Arvoreen +2~
STRING_SET 8491 ~Hallowed Redeemer +2~
STRING_SET 8492 ~Hallowed Redeemer +2~
STRING_SET 51943 ~Corthala Family Blade +2~
STRING_SET 51946 ~Entropy +2~
STRING_SET 51948 ~Chaos +2~
STRING_SET 51941 ~Corthala Family Armor +5~ // Note: I'm not sure what the fuck type of armour this is, since its AC bonuses/penalties vs. slashing and crushing actually make it chain, while everything else points to leather. Suggest fixing that one way or the other. The +5 enchantment assumes it's Studded Leather.
STRING_SET 73902 ~Shuruppak's Plate +3~
STRING_SET 6141 ~Red Dragon Scale +2~
STRING_SET 2141 ~Full Plate Mail +2~
STRING_SET 65025 ~Blue Dragon Plate +2~
STRING_SET 38871 ~Rod of Smiting +3~
STRING_SET 7818 ~Arla's Dragonbane +3~
STRING_SET 6729 ~Backbiter +3~
STRING_SET 35089 ~Impaler +3~
STRING_SET 35093 ~Halcyon +1~
STRING_SET 22019 ~Staff of Striking +3~
STRING_SET 22137 ~Staff Mace +2~
STRING_SET 8157 ~Staff of Command +2~
STRING_SET 8138 ~Staff of Curing +1~ // NOTE: Magical flag is set, but enchantment field is not. Needs setting to +1.
STRING_SET 8113 ~Staff of the Magi +5~
STRING_SET 8121 ~Staff of Power +2~
STRING_SET 8132 ~Staff of Thunder and Lightning +2~
STRING_SET 64646 ~Serpent Shaft +2~
STRING_SET 6740 ~Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters~
STRING_SET 6750 ~Short Sword of Backstabbing +3~
STRING_SET 10259 ~Hull's Long Sword~
STRING_SET 10260 ~Hull's Long Sword~
STRING_SET 10223 ~Moonblade +3~
STRING_SET 10224 ~Moonblade +3~
STRING_SET 11053 ~Frostbrand +3~
STRING_SET 11056 ~Defender +5~
STRING_SET 46888 ~Rashad's Talon +2~
STRING_SET 6483 ~Flame Tongue +4~
STRING_SET 3178 ~Daystar +4~
STRING_SET 39678 ~Dragonslayer +2~
STRING_SET 8637 ~Celestial Fury +3~
STRING_SET 5683 ~The Equalizer +3~
STRING_SET 10291 ~Spider's Bane +2~
STRING_SET 6647 ~Two Handed Sword~
STRING_SET 3246 ~Flame of the North +2~
STRING_SET 34070 ~Lilarcor +3~
STRING_SET 47323 ~Silver Sword +3~
STRING_SET 47324 ~Silver Sword +3~
STRING_SET 61570 ~Dak'kon's Zerth Blade +2~
STRING_SET 61592 ~Harmonium Halberd +3~
STRING_SET 61590 ~Sword of Balduran +2~
STRING_SET 61582 ~Shield of Balduran +3~
STRING_SET 32144 ~Jerrod's Mace +2~ // Note: "Tweaked weapon enchantments" should maybe take a look here. Same with "Flame of the North", actually. They're both counted as their LOWEST enchantment. Be sure to update descriptions! Daystar's wasn't-- it said it was treated as +2 when it was actually +4.
STRING_SET 32133 ~Staff of Arundel +3~
STRING_SET 6878 ~Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy +5~ // It's actually enchanted as +5, but I'd question the sense in that.
STRING_SET 6888 ~Light Crossbow of Speed +1~
STRING_SET 2229 ~Aegis Fang +3~
STRING_SET 6675 ~Mithril Field Plate Mail +2~
STRING_SET 214 ~Chain Mail~
STRING_SET 6672 ~Chain Mail~
STRING_SET 267 ~Plate Mail~
STRING_SET 6669 ~Plate Mail~

STRING_SET 51949 ~Chaos
This is a +2 short-sword usable only by tieflings.  Every time it strikes an opponent, he or she loses 2 points of dexterity (for 30 seconds).  Haer'Dalis prefers using Chaos with its partner -- Entropy.  When dual-wielding these two blades, Haer'Dalis is a dangerous opponent.


Special Abilities: Target loses 2 points of dexterity each hit (duration: 30 seconds)
THAC0:  +2 bonus
Damage:  1D6 + 2
Damage type:  piercing
Weight: 2
Speed Factor: 0
Proficiency Type: Short Sword
Type:  1-handed
Usable By:
STRING_SET 39453 ~Sunblade: Daystar
Whether it was created specifically for use in the service of Torm or appropriated at some point in the long history of the church, Paladins of the Loyal Fury have made good use of Daystar in their battles against evil undead.  Through magic or blessing it is empowered with the Sunray, a force of pure life energy so potent that it slays both living and unliving.

Special Abilities (once per day):
Damage: 3D6 (save vs. spells or be blinded for 10 rounds)
Undead: an additional 1d6 points of damage per level of caster (save vs. spells or be destroyed)
Range: 20 ft
Area: 20 ft radius

Always considered to be of +4 enchantment when determining what it can hit.
THAC0:  +2 bonus, +4 vs. evil creatures
Damage:  1D8 + 2, +4 vs. evil creatures, does double damage against undead
Damage type:  slashing
Weight: 2
Speed Factor: 3
Proficiency Type: Long sword
Type:  1-handed
Requires: 6 Strength
Not Usable By:
Beast Master~
STRING_SET 1765 ~Mithril Field Plate Mail +2

This is the personal armor of Bruenor Battlehammer, and never a finer kit have you seen.  It is truly a marvel of battlefield craftsmanship.


Armor Class: -1
Weight: 45
Not Usable By:
Beast Master

SAY 0x8 ~Spear +3~
SAY 0xc ~Spear +3~
SAY 0x8 ~Flaming Long Sword +1~ // Suggest altering colourization to yellowish as with other flaming blades.
SAY 0xc ~Flaming Long Sword +1~
SAY 0x8 ~Mace +2~
SAY 0xc ~Mace +2~

SAY 0x8 ~Mace +3~
SAY 0xc ~Mace +3~
SAY 0x8 ~Morning Star +3~
SAY 0xc ~Morning Star +3~
SAY 0x8 ~Long Sword +3~
SAY 0xc ~Long Sword +3~
SAY 0x8 ~Short Sword +3~
SAY 0xc ~Short Sword +3~
SAY 0x8 ~Battle Axe +3~
SAY 0xc ~Battle Axe +3~
// Note that the Enchanted Weapon spell description does not match the ITM files present. (There are more ITMs.) I don't know if this is an issue.

SAY 0x8 ~Fist +1~
SAY 0xc ~Fist +1~
SAY 0x8 ~Fist +2~
SAY 0xc ~Fist +2~
             ~MFIST7.ITM~ ~override~
SAY 0x8 ~Fist +3~
SAY 0xc ~Fist +3~
SAY 0x8 ~Fist +4~
SAY 0xc ~Fist +4~

SAY 0x8 ~Yoshimo's Katana +1~
SAY 0xc ~Yoshimo's Katana +1~


Also, I'm sure T'rachie's Plate used to be called "T'rachie's Tainted Plate", but it's... not. Can anybody else confirm?


Finally, should magical weapons from spells show their enchantment as part of their name?

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Patched SoA and ToB both use "T'rahcie's Plate +5" (which is misspelled) as strref 6138 AFAICT and I believe Baldurdash only corrects the spelling. I'll start tackling the comments when I add this to the next build. :bday:

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I, too, thought that this was the name (I don't know that it was ever the actual name of the item, but that's what I've always thought it was called). Odd. As for the item, I leave it as T'rachie's Plate +5, and have the description "Plate Mail +5: 'T'rachie's Tainted Plate'."

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