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HLA mods

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I am playing EET and currently in SoA Chapter 6.

I've played in the past with both the vanilla approach to HLAs and the SCS HLAs as innate abilities mods.  I actually like the latter, except I don't like that abilities are only selectable once.  Basically makes gaining experience after a certain point in the game pointless.  I've seen allusions to a previous debate on this topic though I haven't been able to find the original discussion.  If I want my mage to be able to select multiple extra 6th level spells, he should be able to, especially since there's no meaningful spell acquisition after a certain point. 

I guess my question is, is there a mod that allows this?  What would people recommend for HLA overhauls that accommodate uncapped experience acquisition.


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The best solution for your problem is the one that you make yourself... this is because you can have a lot of mods that alter the HLA table and to alter that, you'll likely have to effect other things too ...

So get yourself Near Infinity, and open up the mage kits HLA table, unfortunately you need to know which table it is, and if it comes from a custom kit, it get's even harder, or easy as then you can check the kits install .tp2 file from where you can find it .... as the game has no easy way to check which it is. Then you just edit that tables content and set the number of abilities(NUM_ALLOWED) to what you like... be it 99 if you like.

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12 minutes ago, dbn said:

Also, where can I find the spell progression tables?

The same folder in Near Infinity... (2da)
mxsplbrd .2da - Bard

mxspldd.2da - Dragon Disciple
mxspldru.2da - Druid
mxsplpal.2da - Paladin
mxsplprs.2da - Cleric
mxsplran.2da - Ranger
mxsplshm.2da - Shaman
mxsplsrc.2da - Sorcerer
mxsplwiz.2da - Mage

And yes, the edits to the tables will take effect in old saves. But you'll need to possibly level up before they take effect if we are talking about spell progression tables.

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You don’t even need Near Infinity for that - 2da files can be easily edited with any high-quality text editor. (The tables should be in your /override folder after a mod like SCS has altered them.)

The hardest part is knowing which line in the table corresponds to which HLA ability... probably do want Near Infinity for that. (Unless they are listed somewhere online.)

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42 minutes ago, Raduziel said:

Let me hijack this thread for a moment to ask: does anyone have a way to completely remove HLAs from the game?

From completely from the game, no. From your characters, yes, you just need to alter the lunumab.2da -file so that the first number column says 99 for every line... and don't make a mage/fighter/thieft that exceeds 33 levels in any of their classes.

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