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BG2 EET Shadows Over Soubar help

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I am currently doing a playthrough online on BG2 EET and have been playing through starting from SoA. However we seem to have stumbled across an issue with the SoS mod. I had accepted the questline from Selence and we had been powering through the normal game, we then got stuck at the point in which she requested we go to find William in the Goverment District, we found the home and his servant, however he had told us to go to Brynlaw, which was a problem because we have already completed all the main story quests until literal endgame Suldenesslar so we could not go back to Brynlaw. The only way I could resolve this was to use console and give myself the key in which to open the safe. We are now currently stuck at the point in which she gives us a key and tells us to go to an inn and open a chest containing some items. For the life of me, we could not find it, I then checked a walkthrough online and it mentioned that we need to go to the Copper Coronet and upstairs there is a locked room. There is no locked room at all, there is no locked chest or anything and we completly stumped on what to do next. I even tried to console said letter to inventory and travel to Umar Hiils to trigger the next part of the cutscene, but nothing happened. I'm not sure if we have done something at some point or maybe there is a global variable I can change via console in order to progress. I have made a backup save of before completing SoA in the hope that we can go back and do this quest because it does look and sound really interesting. Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Ps, my mod list is ModMerge > Ascension > Sword & Fist > Song and Silence > Wheels of Prophecy > SoS > SoD items to BG2 > SCS and then finally Cowled Menace

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