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Grey the Dog Updates to v6!

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Most recent changelog at the end of this thread!




Grey the Dog updates to v4 with Angel's item fixes, improved compatibility, and more bugfixes and typo corrections!


-Angel's item file structure fixes: Verified all the item files with DLTCEP and fixed the ones with inconsistencies, also made sure all magical weapons had an enchantment value set.
-Compatibility with Tweaks Anthology "Allow Taerom to Make Additional Ankheg Armors": Option to forge Grey's Ankheg armor should be available if tweak is installed, too.
-more typo corrections
-7th party member mode: detecion of "party rested via scripted Rest()" should work now
-(EE) journal entries belonging to "The Tale of Captain Brage" should be correctly added to journal.
-7th party member mode: effects of C#5MINHP.spl should not be applied to party.
-all journal entries should be erased from journal as intended
-Scripts when changing into 7th party member mode and back should not be interrupted.


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Grey the Dog updates to v5!

Version 5 comes with a German version, compatibility with the Transitions Mod, proof readings, bugfixes, and more support for Porject Infinity.

Thank you to Gerri for the work on the German version and @Caedwyr for partly proof reading the English version!



-German version by Gerri, revised by jastey
-English version partly proofread by Caedwyr
-one crossmod banter added with Brage's Redemption.
-Taerom will not talk about forging a weapon for Grey if the PC meets him for the very first time
-Taerom's comment about the material for the canine enforcement makes it clear it's not to be found anywhere near.
-HLA icons fixed
-HLA descriptions fixed
-Grey will receive HLAs
-SoD: Added more randomness to how Grey is chosen in Thrix's game.
-7th party member mode: will be removed correctly in case Grey rejoins via PID and kicked out completely directly after.
-Compatibility with Transitions Mod added.
-Added Dynamic Install Order categories to support Project Infinity.


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...And to 5.1 which fixes an install warning on SoD: Grey should now walk with the group in all of the SoD end cutscenes. This was not a critical bug so you only need to update for cosmetics.


-added needed definition for variable "newline" so SoD end cutscene gets patched correctly: Grey should move with the group in SoD end cutscene.
-changed name in the .ini for better Package names when using ALIEN's Infinity Auto Packager.


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Grey the Dog updates to v6 with bugfixes and improvements!


-traified and translated all lines for PID
-fixed text format error for EE (non-English versions)
-"7th party members" for some item checks considered
-corrected entry for "Beregost_House08_L2" in cpmvars.tpas
-resttalk crossmod with Brandock should also fire if Brandock is "7th party member"
-more SoD "interjections" (woof!)
-journal entry about Brage's gauntlets should be removed when Brage's quest is finished
-improved transition to BGII
-added check to forbit install of mod after EET_End
-changed internal structure so temporary "autotra" foldr is used for text formatting
-typo corrections

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