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Suspicious Lack of Randomness

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I received the following report via email and I'm reposting it here to reach a wider audience:


Hi, I'm playing the classic vanilla version of Baldur's Gate 2 & ToB, with the official patch installed, and then the G3 Fixpack.
I also have some of the G3 Tweaks but only the True Grandmastery and the Reduced De'Arnise keep times tweaks installed.

I noticed none of my characters are rolling random damage. Whatever target they hit, they always do the exact same damage every hit. If i switch targets, damage will change slightly, but always be the new value for each hit.
So for example, my paladin attacks target 1 and does 24 damage per hit ten times in a row.
My paladin switches to target 2 (same creature type) and only does 20 damage per hit ten times in a row. If I switch back to target 1 she continues to hit for 24 as she was previously on target 1.

I know the original game with the official patch never behaved this way, but I just don't know what the problem it.

If you have heard of this before, and know how to resolve it, I woule be very appreciative.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Yeah, same thought, we had similar problem in GemRB a couple of times (from interaction with fatigue). Maybe he hit a bug and now has very high luck, which then masks the actual roll due to being a flat modifier.

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In recent play I actually noticed that I seemed to be doing a lot of damage with every hit; sometimes it seemed like max damage.  I also assumed it was too much Luck - my mods add several possible sources of it - but when looking at the savegame I didn't see any Luck effects run amuck.  And I can't reproduce the issue now.  I didn't think about it much, but now I see this post and it gives me pause...

Of course I was playing BGEE with the latest patch, not the old engine.  I highly doubt there is an engine bug giving everybody Kai that has survived this long and gone unnoticed.

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